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Thursday, December 3, 2009

A Happy Unanimous

The results are (or, well, have been for a while) in! And the unanimous winner of we 3 voters who voted on some book series that I loved at some age or another for some reason or another is....

Harry Potter!
Yay! (Think Potter Puppet Pals, there.)

As I just finished reading that series for my second time (first time in audio), I whole-heartedly agree. It's amazing and well worth loving!
And here are the full results for documented purposes:

Little House (by Wilder) 2 (66%)
Anne of Green Gables (by Montgomery) 2 (66%)
Emily (by Montgomery) 2 (66%)
Murry Family (by L'Engle) 1 (33%)
Baby-Sitters Club (by Martin) 0 (0%)
Baby-Sitters Little Sister (by Martin) 0 (0%)
Tennis Shoes (by Heimerdinger) 1 (33%)
Sleepover Friends (by Saunders) 0 (0%)
The Bee Theres (by Littke) 0 (0%)
Nancy Drew (by Keene) 2 (66%)
Chronicles of Narnia (by Lewis) 0 (0%)
Rocky Ridge Years (by MacBride) 0 (0%)
Hannah Swensen (by Fluke) 1 (33%)
Sarah, Plain and Tall (by MacLachlan) 1 (33%)
Artemis Fowl (by Colfer) 0 (0%)
Harry Potter (by Rowling) 3 (100%)
Books of Bayern (by Hale) 0 (0%)
Fitzwilliam Darcy, Gentleman (by Aidan) 1 (33%)
Twilight (by Meyer) 1 (33%)

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