"And to this purpose"

"If people like to read their books, it is all very well, but to be at so much trouble in filling great volumes, which, as I used to think, nobody would willingly ever look into, to be labouring only for the torment of little boys and girls, always struck me as a hard fate; and though I know it is all very right and necessary, I have often wondered at the person's courage that could sit down on purpose to do it." (In other words: rambling analyses, opinions, ideas, views, and comments from an English major, Essay/paper-writing enthusiastic, Austen-loving Master Librarian on, well, Jane Austen...and a whole lot of other things, too.)

"Celebrated Passages are Quoted"

Heidi's favorite quotes

"What is it really like to be engaged?" asked Anne curiously. "Well, that all depends on who you're engaged to," answered Diana, with that maddening air of superior wisdom always assumed by those who are engaged over those who are not."— L.M. Montgomery

Friday, January 5, 2018

2018 Book Challenge!

Here we go! 

I've decided to bring back the goal of reading more. Not to take me away from all the new changes, experiences, and responsibilities now in my life. But to give me the Wife for Life Delights that I need to help me
*remember who I am
*have something I know I love
*rejuvenate and restore

So I've upped the categories back to 50! We'll see how I do. My general aim will be to accomplish at least 1 for every year I have lived. The rest will be bonus. Some should really stretch me. Same points system. These are the categories I have chosen for myself:

About books
Animals as characters
Award nominated/award winning
Banned Book
Based on a fairy tale 
Based on a TV series or movie (or vice versa)
Based on another book
Began but haven't finished
Child Narrator
Christmas book
Church book of some sort
Debut novel
Found out about on goodreads/Overdrive
From the Rory Gilmore challenge
From to-read list that's been there at least a year
Funny book 
Green on the Cover
Has traveling in it
Historical fiction
Intimidates you
Last in a series
Not romantic
Number in the Title
One of husband's favorites
One word title
Own but haven't read
Picked up for the cover
Published in 2018
Recommended by someone 
Sad book
Science Fiction
Self-improvement book
Set during WWII
Set in a foreign country
Set in a State You have lived in
Should have read in school
Someone gave to you
Targeted at a gender
Translated book
Young adult

Happy reading in 2018!

2017 Book Challenges Wrap-Up


This year I feel I have the least since I finished college! Quite an accomplishment over 10 years, even though 3 years ago I stopped having the goal of "reading less."


This year on GoodReads, I decided to count every book I read in storytime, even if I had read it before 2017 or earlier in the year. So at least my GoodReads goal was well and truly met (328 out of 200). Just imagine if I had counted every book I read to my stepchildren for naps and bedtimes! Some of those read multiple times, not counted at all on GoodReads. And some were brand new to me (at least, the first time we read) and I forgot to record at least half of them on GoodReads as well as my main reading challenge record.

So though my chapter book reading was less than/equal to previous year (thank you, Marriage--I'll take you any day!), my picture book reading was about the same or more--depending on how one wants to look at it. (Again, thank you, Marriage--I'll take you!) And even the chapter book reading amazes me how much I actually got read. All but 1 category completed--and that 1 didn't get done because I mistakenly thought a few books were published in 2017 when they were 2016. It is amazing to see how the types of books, what or how much gets read, and when reading takes place during the year is so indicative of my life.

And now, a reminder on the Book Challenges. This year, S of S-n-H decided to go a little differently to reflect what worked better for her. I decided to stick with 2016's 34 doable-yet-varied categories to still help me stretch in my reading--a requirement for my job.

The points system:
1. Each book must be at least 100 pages to count. (Picture books worth .1, and books under 100 pgs worth .5.)
2. The first book in a category is worth 10 points. The rest are worth 5.
3. Any book you own is worth 25 points.
4. Any books on your goodreads "to-read" list is worth 25 points.

This year, I had a goal to read more from my To-Read than I usually do. I feel I did well in that.

For the A to Z Scrabble Challenge:
2 pointsDG 
3 pointsBCMP 
4 pointsFHVWY 
5 pointsK 
8 pointsJX 
10 pointsQZ 
(Bonus points for my letters: H and A--my new letter! Except that like T, it is only 1 point. :-( )

And the results!

I just have to comment here, because it astounds me. Look at all the eBooks I did! And surpassed my audio goal, too. Not planned in the least; just what worked out best this year. But wow, I miss those print books.

Go me any my nonfiction reading!! Adult, too, for that matter. My boss is always encouraging to read more adult for work. He means fiction, but I'm fairly proud that I read adult nonfiction as well.

Surpassed my To-Read goal! Almost reached my picture book goal (though previous comments allude to my definitely passing it).

Comparison Time!
2013 Total Books: 287
2014 Total Books: 299.5
2015 Total Books: 182
2016 Total Books: 172 (3/4 of that being picture books)
2017 Total Books: 162 (again, 3/4 being picture books)

2013 Total Pages: 29,584
2014 Total Pages: 24,656
2015 Total Pages: 15,766
2016 Total Pages: 12,749
2017 Total Pages: 11, 037 (yep, less)

2013 Points: 1152.6
2014 Points: 1429.9
2015 Points: 1043.2
2016 Points: 968.3
2017 Points: 935.2 (even though I tried with all those To Read!)

For A to Z Scrabble Challenge:
2012 Titles: 246
2013 Titles: 223
2014 Titles: 79
2015 Titles: 51
2016 Titles: 41
2017 Titles: 43 (more than last year?!? I am amazed. Though perhaps I cheated. I read more JF than I have in a while.)

2012 Title Letters not read: Q, X, Y, Z
2013 Title Letters not read: G, J, K, N, Q, X, Y, Z
2014 Title Letters not read: K, Q, U, V, X, Z
2015 Title Letters not read: J, K, N, U, V, X, Y, Z
2016 Title Letters not read: E, J, K, Q, V, X, Z
2017 Title Letters not read: D, E, F, I, J, K,Q, U, V, X, Y, Z

2012 Highest Scoring Title letter: H (30 points)
2013 Highest Scoring Title letter: H (35 points)
2014 Highest Scoring Title letter: B (27 points)
2015 Highest Scoring Title letter: W (24 points)
2016 Highest Scoring Title letter: tie for F and W (12 points)
2017 Highest Scoring Title letter: B (18 points)

2012 Authors: 210
2013 Authors: 254 (whoa! Go me!!)
2014 Authors: 64
2015 Authors: 39
2016 Authors: 36
2017 Authors: 39 (Again, more than last year! Wow.)

2012 Author Letters not read: N, Q, U, X, Z
2013 Author Letters not read: E, I, Q, U, X, Y
2014 Author Letters not read: I, N, Q, R, U, X, Y, Z
2015 Author Letters not read: G, I, K, L, O, Q, R, X, Y
2016 Author Letters not read: A, J, N, O, Q, U, X, Y, Z
2017 Author Letters not read: E, I, K,O, Q, R, U, V, X, Y

2012 Highest Scoring Author letter: W (28 points)
2013 Highest Scoring Author letter: Tie! B and H (30 points)
2014 Highest Scoring Author letter: H (35 points)
2015 Highest Scoring Author letter: J (16 points)
2016 Highest Scoring Author letter: H (25 points)
2017 Highest Scoring Author Letter: J (24 points)

2012 Grand Total: 456
2013 Grand Total: 477 (wow. higher even with reading less.)
2014 Grand Total: 346
2015 Grand Total: 233
2016 Grand Total: 188
2017 Grand Total: 224

Wednesday, October 11, 2017


In case you noticed the quick mention two previous posts ago, something happened in my life over the last year.

I found and married a man far better than Henry Tilney himself.

A new direction for my Happily Ever After has come about.

And I am loving every bit of it.

Tuesday, August 15, 2017

Enneagram - for future research

I am ready to start exploring another Personality test. So I am posting my results from two different free online tests.

From 9types.com -

Your highest score will indicate you basic type, or it will be among the top 2-3 scores. You have answered all the questions -- terrific!
Type 1Type 2Type 3Type 4Type 5Type 6Type 7Type 8Type 9

From eclecticenergies.com -
You are most likely a type 2.
Taking wings into account, you seem to be a 2w1.
No personality test is completely accurate. Although several measures were taken to make this test as accurate as possible, there's always a chance that you are not typed correctly by it. Therefore, when deciding which Enneagram type and wing you are, you might also want to consider the types with the highest test scores on the lists below.

(Note that your lowest scores may be omitted.)
Type 2 - 11
Type 6 - 10.4
Type 4 - 9
Type 9 - 7.7
Type 1 - 7.4
Type 5 - 6
Type 7 - 2.7

Wing 2w1 - 14.7
Wing 6w5 - 13.4
Wing 2w3 - 13
Wing 1w2 - 12.9
Wing 4w5 - 12
Wing 6w7 - 11.8
Wing 9w1 - 11.4
Wing 1w9 - 11.3
Wing 5w6 - 11.2
Wing 4w3 - 11
Wing 5w4 - 10.5
Wing 9w8 - 8.4
Wing 7w6 - 7.9
Wing 7w8 - 3.4

I quickly read some basic summaries of Types 4 and 2 from 9types.com. Glanced at Type 1. Definitely more to read up on and contemplate. Here are links to read up on them.

Type 1
Type 2
Type 3
Type 4
Type 5
Type 6
Type 7
Type 8
Type 9

For sure, it is Interesting!

Wednesday, May 17, 2017

I speak



November 2008
Quality Time:10
Acts of Service:8
Words of Affirmation:5
Physical Touch:5
Receiving Gifts:2

I, well, I...
April 2009

Quality Time:10
Acts of Service:7
Words of Affirmation:6
Physical Touch:5
Receiving Gifts:2

I guess things do change.

October 2009
Physical Touch:10
Quality Time:9
Words of Affirmation:5
Acts of Service:4
Receiving Gifts:2

That and it probably helped that I read the book and understood more about each love language. The revelation of this recent result actually makes quite a bit of sense, though. 


Oh my.

changed again!

I feel loved when...


My Primary Love Language is Quality Time

My Detailed Results:
Quality Time:10
Physical Touch:7
Acts of Service:7
Words of Affirmation:5
Receiving Gifts:1
I finally took this quiz, not as a single. And not just in a relationship, but now married!

And my results:

Physical Touch
9Quality Time
6Acts of Service
2Receiving Gifts
2Words of Affirmation
Interesting. Gifts barely changed over 9 years!

Friday, April 14, 2017

Austen & Montgomery--Sister Authors!

My friend posted this article on my Facebook page. And as an Austen AND Montgomery fanatic, I find it PERFECTION!! How did I never think to liken the two heroes of these fabulous authors before?


Friday, March 24, 2017

Darcy List

This came up in my Facebook memories. And I realized it was the perfect post to be on this blog. So I am reposting.

March 24, 2015
Sorry, my preferences and I don't agree with this line up. My order: Firth in Bridget doesn't even make the list because I don't like that movie. 9. Rintoul. 8. Henderson (only seen it once). 7. Olivier. 6. Rhys. 5. MacFadyen (he wasn't given much to work with) 4. Firth. 3. Seale (LDS version). 2. Gordh (he was a very close 1st) 1. Cowan.
It seems I have a thing for seeing my Darcy's in modern settings. :-)
P.S. And for me, JJ as Henry Tilney will always beat out Darcy.

"You must allow me to tell you how ardently I admire and love you."

Mary Mitchell De Bastos Henry Tilney will always beat out Darcy!
Sara Lyn Busch Hm... I'm not even sure how I would rank them. Tilney all the way!