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Friday, January 5, 2018

2018 Book Challenge!

Here we go! 

I've decided to bring back the goal of reading more. Not to take me away from all the new changes, experiences, and responsibilities now in my life. But to give me the Wife for Life Delights that I need to help me
*remember who I am
*have something I know I love
*rejuvenate and restore

So I've upped the categories back to 50! We'll see how I do. My general aim will be to accomplish at least 1 for every year I have lived. The rest will be bonus. Some should really stretch me. Same points system. These are the categories I have chosen for myself:

About books
Animals as characters
Award nominated/award winning
Banned Book
Based on a fairy tale 
Based on a TV series or movie (or vice versa)
Based on another book
Began but haven't finished
Child Narrator
Christmas book
Church book of some sort
Debut novel
Found out about on goodreads/Overdrive
From the Rory Gilmore challenge
From to-read list that's been there at least a year
Funny book 
Green on the Cover
Has traveling in it
Historical fiction
Intimidates you
Last in a series
Not romantic
Number in the Title
One of husband's favorites
One word title
Own but haven't read
Picked up for the cover
Published in 2018
Recommended by someone 
Sad book
Science Fiction
Self-improvement book
Set during WWII
Set in a foreign country
Set in a State You have lived in
Should have read in school
Someone gave to you
Targeted at a gender
Translated book
Young adult

Happy reading in 2018!

1 comment:

Sara Lyn said...

Fun! I've had to back off having so many categories because when I'm depressed, it feeds my guilt when I don't read. (Ridiculous. Depression 101 - how to know when you're depressed. When things you're normally interested in... blah, blah, blah...) :) Anyway, but it makes me so happy to see book challenges like this! Good luck this year!