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Thursday, June 4, 2009

Sharing The Librarians' World

I am a librarian, and I do love my job. There are so many positive things. And even the negative things provide some great lessons and growth for me. One thing that I do love about being a librarian is The Librarians' World. That's basically the humor, grievances, joys, and such that other fellow librarians know and understand. These things can make me laugh, make me proud, or make me feel justified in some of my own similar thoughts and feelings that I have.

What's sad is I love sharing these things, but most of my friends are not librarians (though I know some would make excellent ones!). So I'm not really sure if they "get" these things as I do.

Of course, that doesn't mean I'm going to stop sharing them! And as I hope readers who come to this blog are lovers of literature themselves, that would hopefully mean they frequent libraries and may still enjoy those Libarians' World tidbits that I like to share. (Hence why you will soon see a blog list showing up with links to library-related blogs--of which I will hear note that some occasionally have some inappropriateness to them. I do not endorse the sites, but it's an easy way for me to keep track of them if I so choose to read from them now and then.)

Today, I'm sharing 2 things that I just read and found my own personal joy from. Perhaps you can, too.

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