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Saturday, March 20, 2010

Le Fin

I need another opinion. As you can tell by the sidebar, I'm involved in quite a few challenges. How I'm finding time to read, I don't honestly know. But reading I am.

One challenge that I was particularly intrigued to work on--and would require almost double the reading in some cases--was the "Finish that Series!" challenge. As I thought I'd try to get some of my YA Challenge with that, I decided to finish a lot of the YA series that I read only the first book of. I knew that the Gallagher Girls series had 3 books. More than 2 = a series to me. So I went ahead and read #2 and #3. As I neared the end of #3, I had a suspicion and I looked it up. Yep. #3 was not the last in the series as I had thought. #4 will be released in June. And the author's website revealed that she's considering doing 6 in the series.

So my dilemma: Did I finish the series? Because, technically, I've read all that were published. And that's all I thought there were. Yet now I'm informed and know that #3 will not be the last. I do plan on reading #4 if our library gets is. (And it's so fun to know I have a much weightier say-so in that now!) But even if I read #4 by the end of this year, did I "finish" the series?

Perhaps I should ask the host(ess) of the challenge. But I'd still like to hear your opinions.


Jess said...

Ooo, that is a tough one. I think that finishing everything that has been published is as good as finishing the series.

You inspire me with all of your many different goals. :)

Sara Lyn said...

I think you should have to read the fourth one since it does come out this year and not even in December. :)

Heidi said...

Yes--but after I read #4, do I count myself as finishing it?

Sara Lyn said...

Yes, you can "finish" with number four. It's more than two books and all that's available.

ldsjaneite said...

So...does reading the latest Hannah Swenson count as "finishing" since I know there will be another published, but it won't be published this year?