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Saturday, January 29, 2011

2010 Book Challenge Wrap-Up Part 2

15 Points Categories:
1) A book from the London Times' Best Books of the Decade list. (Can look at either http://www.goodreads.com/topic/show/262697-london-times-best-books-of-the-decade
Reading Lolita in Tehran
Azar Nafisi
2) A book about science
The Universe-didn't get to finish
Time-Life Books
3) A book about American History
David McCullough
Monkey Town
Ronald Kidd
4) A book about language/writing
Cutting a Dash: Eats, Shoots & Leaves (radio series)
Lynne Truss
6) A book by a Goodreads author
The Killer's Cousin
Nancy Werlin
The Brilliant Fall of Gianna Z
Kate Messner
Laurie Halse Anderson
Return to Labyrinth, vol. 4
Jake T. Forbes
7) A book written in 2010.
Apple Turnover Murder
Joanne Fluke
Heist Society
Ally Carter
Calamity Jack
Shannon Hale
Nancy Werlin
Missing in Action
Dean Hughes
Suzanne Collins
Twilight: Graphic Novel, vol. 1
Stephenie Meyer
Wishing for Tomorrow
Hilary McKay
Only the Good Spy Young
Ally Carter

Scott Westerfeld
Eye of the Red Tsar
Sam Eastland

Audio - 8
Kids (100pgs+) - 2
YA - 12
Nonfiction - 3
Reread - 0
1st in a Series Challenge - 1
2nd in Series Challenge - 2
Finishes a series challenge - 3
Categories completed: 5 out of 6
Books read - 18
Points earned - 270

25 Points Categories:
1) A book with over 550 pages
Little Dorrit-got half way done!
Charles Dickens
2) A book you’ve been meaning to read for years   (maybe have even started), but haven’t gotten around to finishing yet.
Rapunzel's Revenge
Shannon Hale
3) A book about a political figure/politics
Glenn Beck's Common Sense
Glenn Beck
4) A book written before 1776.
The Epic of Gilgamesh

Audio - 0
Kids (100pgs+) - 0
YA - 1
Nonfiction - 1
Reread - 0
1st in a Series Challenge - 0
2nd in Series Challenge - 0
Finishes a series challenge - 0
Categories completed: 3 out of 4
Books read - 3
Points earned - 75

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