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Tuesday, August 23, 2011

More! More! More!

I have to share this fun with somebody! Think of it as you are my test audience before my presentation. Your comments let me know how I'm doing or if what I've created would be interesting to other librarians (in all settings).

And if you don't think it's interesting, well.....

I guess I'll be presenting some uninteresting stuff!

I figured I should highlight Beehive books in what I'm creating, thus showing how these fun tech things can be used with librarians for teens. (And others, too.)

Using Glogster to create a poster of all YA fiction nominees.

Using Glogster to create a poster of a Book Teaser/Ad. I used only pictures and text boxes; no video components.

One can also use Glogster to create a poster to advertise library programs. This was one I used for this past summer. Easy to print off, and also easy to link to on the Internet.

My opinion of Glogster: Not bad. I look forward to trying out the more interactive components (though it prevents the printing out option for advertising and such). In some ways I find Publisher easier to work with, and in some ways Glogster is easier.

My Voki Book "Trailer"

My opinion of Voki: Too fun for words. But you've seen that previously. :-)

Using Animoto to create Book Trailers. I did a few attempts before I got two that I liked.


Create your own video slideshow at animoto.com.


Create your own video slideshow at animoto.com.

My opinion of Animoto: I get irked by the limited use, but it is still fun to create stuff (as you've seen me do in the past already). Many more possibilities in it that I have not explored. And I'm hoping to be approved an account as a non-profit that would give me more leeway. This would be great to send my teens to, or have them create their own.


Ann-Marie said...

These look great! Isn't it great what we get to play with for our jobs?

ldsjaneite said...


Yes, it is! I love it.