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Wednesday, November 2, 2011

October Book Challenge

This is the least amount I've read all year! But two of those audio books were really long (10 hours & 20+ hours!) Not to mention I went on vacation and didn't have as much time to read, considering sleeping and having my books locked in a trunk of a car during a 4-hour car ride. Then there was all the time with friends. And making my Halloween costume. And, well, I guess I could actually say my social life got in the way of my reading. Wahoo! I'll take that as a positive. :-)

Read a book concerning America           
Come Juneteenth by Ann Rinaldi (post-Civil War in Texas)
The Undaunted: The Miracle of the Hole-in-the-Rock Pioneers by Gerald N. Lund (pioneers heading toward Four Corners)
Freshman for President by Ally Condie (US presidential election)

Written in Bone: Buried Lives of Jamestown and Colonial Maryland by Sally M. Walker
They Knew the Prophet: Personal Accounts from Over 100 People Who Knew Joseph Smith by Hyrum & Helen Andrus
Mormon History 101 by Dan Barker

Readers Advisory by Bill Barnes and Gene Ambaum
Rose Bride by Nancy Holder
The Tenant of Wildfell Hall by Anne Bronte

October Totals

Audio = 3
Juvenile = 0
YA = 4
Adult = 5
Pages = 2665
Books = 9
Points = 75

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Mona said...

You, my dear, are AMAZING!