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Wednesday, September 25, 2013

Meet Sweetpea

I have had the greatest (and most stressful!) blessing to have bought a house in the last couple of months. She is an adorable little thing that I have affectionately called the Hobbit Hole. (There are very low ceilings, and it's not the best place for taller people!) Indeed, I've even given her my Hobbit name: Sweetpea Chubb.

But I wanted to share some pictures of her, especially so those who are not Facebook friends with me have a chance to see this beautiful new home. Move #18 in my life will hopefully be the last for a very long time (if not for good).

My House (and front yard)
Front of the House--with a porch! It's small, yes, but you can fit at least 2 chairs out there. And put pumpkins out to decorate for the fall!!
 Coming in from the front door (which we mostly only use when guests come over) and seeing Kitchen Doorway #1
 Turning around and seeing that front door closed.
 Looking into the Living Room from the Entryway
 Looking at the Living Room & Entryway from the fireplace
 The beautiful wood burning fireplace
 Another view from the fireplace
 The Library
 The Library and Living Room from Kitchen doorway #2
 The Kitchen from Kitchen Doorway #2
 Kitchen again
Kitchen from Kitchen Doorway #1
 The Vanity Area (which I fell in love with once I saw that it had shelves and drawers exactly like Campus Plaza--my longest combined residence during the college years)
 My room
 The fabulous shower in Upstairs Bathroom
 My one hallway, heading downstairs
 Stairs landing with doorway to the driveway (and shoe thing hanging next to it)
 And around the corner to the rest of downstairs
 The kitchenette bar
 The Alcove (complete with poker/bumper pool table)
 The Family Room aka The Party Room aka The (wo)Man Cave
 Another view of the kitchenette
 Backyard pics

 Driveway & Garage
 A view from the side yard, complete with Rainbow! 

Not pictured: Bedrooms #2, 3 (The Chocolate Room), & 4 (The Whale Room), Downstairs Bathroom, and Laundry Closet. And two storage closets.
I am so very happy with her!

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Sara Lyn said...

I can't tell you how excited I am for you! What an adorable house! Congratulations!!!