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Thursday, January 2, 2014

2013 HM&SL Book Challenge Wrap-Up

2013 has ended and with it the annual HM&SL Book Challenge. And awesomeness: I completed it!! Even when I read significantly less than usual (which was also a goal). Amazing what being busy can do to reading time. Though it is affecting my abilities at work, so I may not carry that goal over to 2014. So here are the iffy jpgs of my category tracking:

Travel or Book set where you have never been

Adult Fiction Author (which eventually became any author, but the 1st 4 are adult fiction) which I have never read before

Award Winner or Nominee


History or Historical Fiction

Chapter Book with less than 100 pages

Books Turned into a Movie or Musical




Recommended by


Science Fiction or Fantasy
And the final totals:

Interesting comparisons:
I read less books (287 vs 359)
and less pages (29,584 vs 32,854)
But I got more points this year! (1152.6 as opposed to last year's 1076.1).

And, there are also my A to Z Totals (aka The Scrabble Challenge) with comparison to last year:

Count Scrabble points for first letter of each title and author that I read. Bonus points for letters my names start with. (Not including picture books.)

2012 Titles: 246
2013 Titles: 223
2012 Title Letters not read: Q, X, Y, Z
2013 Title Letters not read: G, J, K, N, Q, X, Y, Z
2012 Highest Scoring Title letter: H (30 points)
2013 Highest Scoring Title letter: H (35 points)

2012 Authors: 210
2013 Authors: 254 (whoa! Go me!!)

2012 Author Letters not read: N, Q, U, X, Z
2013 Author Letters not read: E, I, Q, U, X, Y

2012 Highest Scoring Author letter: W (28 points)
2013 Highest Scoring Author letter: Tie! B & H (30 points)

2012 Grand Total: 456
2013 Grand Total: 477 (wow. higher even with reading less.)


Sara Lyn said...

Wow! Your analyses are so cool. What did you set your tracker up in? And great job on the wide variety of stuff you read - and authors! Phew! Such a fun year, right?! I also read less than usual. Except mine was more like 100 books. :) So you're DEFINITELY going to beat me for points. (Unless I read more books I own and from my to-read shelf than I remember.) :)

ldsjaneite said...

Thank you! I just use excel spreadsheets. I did have fun. I look forward to this year, though I've lowered many of my goals to achievable if I keep up my social life.