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Sunday, March 15, 2015

The Explanatory Story of the Bathroom Comment

So, a few days on Facebook, I posted this:

Pre-ordered my Josh CD. And this HAD to be the Song of the Week (though this is the shorter version): 

(Now I feel the need to go clean a bathroom.... Long story.)

Now I can see the confusion related to this. So I felt the need to explain, as it is actually humorous and not worrisome.

As a young teen, I discovered my parents' record collection. Already I was a lover of musicals, so I was pretty excited to find records like the soundtrack for Oliver! I started to discover a bunch of other songs on records that I enjoyed. So--oh the old school tech days--I recorded the songs I liked from the records onto a cassette tape. (Yes, that meant I had to put the recorder up to the speakers as the record played. This was analog--we couldn't do a digital transfer!)

This tape was very treasured, and somehow, it became the tape I always listened to as I cleaned the bathroom. There was a cleaning routine, which meant the cleaning always began with the toilet (worst first) and then the sink, and the cast of Oliver! singing "Who Will Buy" and "I'd do Anything." Eventually I would get to the shower (biggest last), and if the timing was on, inevitably I would be scrubbing shower walls as I listened to "What I Did for Love." When I first recorded my cassette, I was not familiar with A Chorus Line. I saw a movie version once some time in my high school years. I remember not being as fond of it, but I still adored the song. Every time I cleaned a shower my heart would soar as she sang, "Goooooone! Love is never gone!"

So on Wednesday I pre-ordered the next Josh CD. With it, I was able to have two immediate song downloads. And one of them was "What I Did for Love." I couldn't wait to hear Josh sing that long-loved favorite. And if anyone knows how to soar on notes, Josh does. And not only does Josh do unsurprisingly amazingly awesome on "Gooooooone!," but his version then has hime sing it a second time--complete with key change!

And that my friends is while I will forever love and adore Josh, and this song of his, and still feel like I need to go clean a bathroom (specifically a shower) so I can sing "Gooooooone!" while scrubbing. Truly makes the work go faster and not seem like work whenever I can sing along as I do it. Especially a song that lets me belt like that. "Gooooooooone! Love is NEVER gooooooooone!"