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Friday, October 7, 2016

My Current Project

I finally got started on my 2-3 month long Organize/Downsize in The Hobbit Hole. And I'm exhausted! Well, OK, I was exhausted before I started because of my health issues. But I knew this would be tedious, exhausting work. Which is why is is 2-3 months and not a week or two. When I get tired for the day, I'm done. It's going to leave quite a few piles of mess all over the place as I go along, but oh well.

So what did I accomplish in Day 1?

First, I put on the new duvet set that Mom gave me. It is nice. And pretty. Doesn't match my curtains at all. The set actually came with 4 very wide valances. I only have 2 not very wide windows. And the reason I got the curtains I have is because I can close them and keep my room warmer in winter. So, there is the not matching factor. And all those decorative pillows? I'm just going to throw them off every night--do I really have to put them all back on in the morning? I'm the girl who sleeps on top of the comforter with a blanket over me. I often don't make the bed, which is simply folding up a blanket! Add on all the pillows? Eep. I'll give it a try, but those pillows may be moved to another couch. We'll see.

But that isn't the big thing about putting on this new set. The big thing is I feel like I have left my last vestiges of childhood behind. Not really--I'm a children's librarian. A part of me will always be full of childhood things. Still, I took off my blue comforter which has been on every bed I have slept in since I was 10 or 11. It has so many tear stains from my many emotional years, and is ripped and has certainly been well loved and used. It's weird to not see it on my bed now--even if it has been too small all these years. But of course, with the blue comforter gone, and the new burgundy-ish with gold one one--and its decorative pillows--my 2 decorative pillows don't really belong. The blue bear one that Mom gave me when I was 8 or so. And the pink ballerina one that Mom made and gave me for my 10th birthday. So they moved to a new place in the house, and along with them, a couple of the adorable stuffed animals that make me smile and cheer me up every time I see them. All that is left is Nutbrown Hare, reminding me that I am loved very much. It is so foreign. But maybe now that I have fully crossed in to adulthood, I have a better chance in the dating world. ;-)

Second, I brought up all my filing and scrapbook stuff that I have been piling up for the last couple of years. I don't know why I haven't filed--it isn't that hard to put them in! But, I didn't. I was lazy. At least I had everything in order by date. So I just went though them all and sorted into their own piles, and easily slipped them in to their respective file folders. I thought that might take me a couple days. But it was not even a couple of hours! AND I got all the shredding done, too!

It is all still just toe in the water at this point, but I've started! Yay me. :-)

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Sara Lyn said...

Yay for getting projects done!