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Wednesday, July 8, 2009

Dear John

Yes. Well, I have a new love. He first entered my life when I was quite low. Illness, you see. Perhaps I wouldn't love him as much as I do if not for him being there for me as no one else was. He is with me even now, and he makes my heart so happy.

The only unfortunate thing is his name. John. Too many Johns in my life. Too many J names in my life. But if it is attached to such a man, I can bear it. And love it. And I do love it. I love him.

And thus we see how pathetic a creature I truly am. For, yes, I do fall in love with men who...aren't real. "It's my curse." And I wonder if it's one reason I'm still single! :-)

But as I am single and at least until that status changes, I choose to glory, revel, and joy in my love for a man who was created by God....through Charles Dickens.

My dear friends, readers, followers, and Austen lovers, I am pleased to introduce to you

John Rokesmith

of Our Mutual Friend

What's that? He looks familiar to you? Well he might, for he is also known as Nephew Fred.

And I will admit that even in 7th grade I had a crush on this man, in spite of it being two different characters. Well, he plays Dickens men well. I don't need to bother seeing any other character played by him. My heart is happy here.

But I digress. Let me introduce more of my dearest to you. Here, he meets Bella.
I've often liked the name, in spite of the attack it has had from the Twilight craze. Thus, meet the woman I live through vicariously. Yes, even in her shallow, mercenariness at the beginning to her wonderful transformation that helps show the true heart of gold she has always had--and which my dear John always knew she had.
His happiness is my happiness.
His sadness my sorrow.

Though others might say a bit odd and even creepy, I love his intensity.
His devotion.
His loyalty.
His constancy.
His true heart.

He is a man among men.

But as amazing as that wondrous story is, Dickens gives us a second one just as wonderful.

Meet Lizzie.
And Eugene Wrayburn. (Next time I'm counting how often his name is said in the movie!)
There story is a much different one, but one I follow just as happily and eagerly. I love what I've seen Keeley in. And Paul is so wonderful of Horatio fame, how could I not urge his cause in spite of the awful moustache and persistent, um, laziness. Yet Keeley as Lizzie brings out the best of Paul as Eugene. And I love it.
I love the movie. I look forward to the book.

But it may not be to the liking of all. And there are detestable characters a-plenty. (If you really love Col. Brandon in the new S&S, I strongly caution you for this movie.) There is humor. Romance. Mystery. Sorrow. Poverty. Death. Marriage. Birth. Joy. It's Dickens--what else would you expect?

I have discovered that there are a few scenes which I have not seen--and they are the ones I had most hoped would be in the movie. Now I anxiously await the DVD of special features that I may joy in that, too. So much more I could say. And will very soon I'm sure. But I hope you have enjoyed meeting my newest love.

I now post a few music videos I found on YouTube. But with an intense warning. If you want to experience the greatest joy and discovery of this film, I would urge you to watch the film before these videos. The videos do give enough away that you might not enjoy as much as I did when I first encountered the movie and had no idea what to expect as it went along. It is something I love about watching new movies and reading new books.



Sara Lyn said...

Ooo... Too fun. A new movie to try out. Thanks!

Heidi said...

Just beware of "the river scene." All right, there are a lot of those, but I mean THE river scene. After a dastardly deed. You'll know it's coming.

Further investigation shows that the version I saw cut out almost an hour of footage!!!! And now I must scramble to find a complete copy. Where oh where...?

~Mary said...

Oh I'm going to HAVE to see this!

I've started my own book blog Heidi! I'm having a bunch of giveaways this weekend! Check it out since your such a reader (and librarian)!

~Mary said...

oops i didn't tell you the address:


Brittany Marie said...

Now I have that song "Dear John" from "Saturday's Warrior" in my head. Hahahahaha

That looks good- I need to put that on my Netflix queue!

Heidi said...

Netflix was where I first learned about it. It's a "Watch Instantly," which I'm in love with. Though now I've learned that it's not complete. Which makes me wonder if the 2-disc they send to your home IS complete. I've got them on the list just in case, but if not, I don't think any local libraries or movie stores have them. I'm in love with John, but do I really want to BUY the movie? I'm all about the cheap route.

Sorry about the song. I hadn't even thought of that. Now I have it in my head! :-)