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Thursday, July 23, 2009

New Poll!

Yay! A new poll. I'll only do one this time so I do not overwhelm you with a bunch. But hopefully you'll vote. You can vote for more than one, too, especially if you have different reasonings or accountings for why you love to hate them--or hate to love them! It can be for any reason that the villain is your favorite.
  • He's not so bad, but just so clueless
  • His sweet/funny/ridiculous way of unintentionally blocking our heroes and heroines from their regular course of adventures
  • He's so scheming
  • He's so conniving
  • He's so charmingly bad
  • He's the most dastardly of the dastardlies
  • He's well-written

Or anything! Whatever your reasoning, let's hear some comments about it. This is the most intriguing part--why we do or do not like the characters an author creates. There are so many reasons that can be quite various. And that's what my book/reading lover self likes to talk about.

So, seriously--let's hear something!


Meredith said...

Willoughby is just such a lame-o! I think he's my favorite villain/least favorite guy because he's the most slimy. The stuff he does is probably as horrible or even worse than what Wickham does or any of the other villains, but he spends the most time trying to convince us that he's not evil. He's misunderstood! Or maybe he's just written that way! Honestly, if he would just admit that he's scum, I wouldn't hate him near as much.

~Mary said...

I LOVED The Book Thief! I mean I have not been able to stop thinking about it since I started reading it...it is definitely a feeling...I'm still awe struck...what a story.
I will def check out those other books! Thanks for recommending them!!

~Mary said...

I hope you win my Advanced Reader Copy of Prada and Prejudice...it's VERY cute. It's not superb literature or anything...but its a cute story and LOVE the little romance and anything Regency England!

Heidi said...

I hate, loathe, and despise Willoughby, too. Will tell more when I transfer the poll to a post.