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Monday, August 3, 2009

P&P Movie Book Club Questions

(Don't forget to send me your answers!)

1. For many people, P&P is their favorite Austen novel/movie. Why do you think that’s true? Is that true for you? Why after 200 years, is this story still so popular? Did you like seeing “updated” versions (ie: P&P: A Latter-day Comedy, Bride & Prejudice)?

2. The 2003 movie version is set in a modern LDS society. Discuss the parallels between LDS culture and the P&P 1813 English culture.

3. In the book, Jane is described as being the most beautiful of the Bennet sisters. Did the movie versions you watched stay true to that description? How important is it to you that Charlotte Lucas’ character be “plain-looking”? Was she “plain” in the movie versions you watched?

4. Discuss and compare the portrayals of Mr. Bingley and Caroline Bingley.

5. What were your thoughts of the 1940 version (starring Lawrence Olivier)? It gets very mixed reviews.

6. Most Austen fans adamantly feel that Colin Firth’s 1995 portrayal as Mr. Darcy is the best. Do you? Why or why not? Is he a difficult character to portray? Why? Do you think that the length of the 1995 version (5 hours) has anything to do with that assessment?

7. Is Mrs. Bennet more or less likable onscreen compared to in the book? Which way do you like her most?

8. In your opinion, which movie version is most like the book? Which individual actors best fit their character in age, appearance and disposition? Are there any other additional actors whom you would like to see play those parts? Should only British actors be “allowed” to play Austen characters?

9. Would Mary have married Mr. Collins had he thought to ask her? Would they make a better match? Think of the different ways that the movies portrayed Mr. Collins shifting his affections from Jane to Lizzie; which one did the best job?

10. Discuss the title(s). Who in the story embodies pride and/or prejudice? Which movie is the best at showing these qualities in the characters? Discuss the original title First Impressions and the importance of them in the story.

11. Which movie version is your favorite? Which version was the first one you ever saw? After watching more than one version, did that opinion change?

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Que and Brittany are Adopting! said...

I am in the middle of watching P&P (1995) right now. Ahhhhh Colin...