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Saturday, February 6, 2010

My New Favorite

Six weeks of plowing through (with a vacation and work and church and all to throw in the mix) and I finally finished the much-recommended-by-The-Brambler Betsy-Tacy series. (First series to finish this year in my Finish-That-Series Challenge, by the way.) She told me I would love it. But she was wrong. I'm completely and irretrievably dead gone over it! (I know. Different series there. Oh well.) Truly--I am obsessed with it!

I've spent the last 4 weeks looking around online and in stores for the books so I can have my own copies to read whenever I want. (Thank you again, by the way, for that great Interlibrary Loan of the whole series! Except for the out-of-prints. Now I have to go search those out!) I have been looking up any information I could find. (Me and my weakness for "based on a true story.") I'm anxious to read biographies. I have a new interest in history 100 years ago. I want to know what happened to the fictional characters true-life counterparts as the years have passed. I want to know about the descendants. I want to take a trip to the town and see the houses and shriek and giggle over the bench on Big Hill. And maybe take a picnic.

And it hasn't just been great stories. As with any good book, I learned more about myself. I saw where I could become better where my weaknesses are, while being happy about my strengths. I wanted to ignore the petty and focus on the truly important. I enjoyed my own nostalgia of memories and emotions as I read a series that seemed full to the brim with it. I came to love each character--even the annoying/weird/silly ones! I am upset that it has ended! Ten whole books, and over too soon.

Well, in my browsing, I came across this quiz. And I had to take it. I had to! How could I not?! I was sure I was going to come up with Betsy--though I was hoping not. I've spent the whole series loving Betsy while wanting to shake her, and cringing every time I thought "Oh no! I'm not like that, am I?!" I also spent the whole series thinking Tacy was the coolest, most awesomest person and friend ever and how I wish I was more like her growing up as well as now.

My results?

I know! I'm shocked! And thrilled!!! I'm Tacy! Happy, happy day! Then again, some of those questions I was unsure about asking of myself and would wish that better judges of me (aka friends and family) would answer for me. I would be intrigued with the results.

I highly recommend all fans (especially the greatest Betsy-Tacy fan I know--greatest in many senses of the world) to take the Which Betsy-Tacy Character are You quiz! It was really fun.

And I'm saying right off--#12 was completely unfair!!!!! I had to pretend that I could only have one of the choices in my life to see which would be the hardest to give up. And I thought I would die from the thought. Pray it never comes about! It still took me a good 5 minutes of "But I can't live without..." before I finally picked one.


Sara Lyn said...

I KNEW you'd love it!!! Hooray!!!

Sara Lyn said...

You came up with me as Betsy? Too funny. I admit, we have some similar interests (umm... reading), but I've never actually identified with her. Maybe because we're too similar? :) For 12, I put reading because I read a lot more than I do any other of those activities.

Heidi said...

I put reading, too. After MUCH deliberation. I don't need to play the piano to have music. And I have to drive all the time without being able to dance to the music I'm listening to. But never singing again? Oh, pain. Yet never getting to read another book. That finally won out.

I'm pretty sure the question that swayed it over to Betsy for you was the one about the husband. I had two guesses of what you wanted, and they were probably the two that I had to go between. But the answer I gave you is one thing you have--and what I see all the time: a husband who adores you,

Serene is my name, not my life! said...

Hmmm, I guess I'll have to look into that series!

ldsjaneite said...

SaraLyn - I just have to tell you that every time I recommend Betsy-Tacy, I think of you and thank you for introducing this series to me. So many of us Anne and Little House lovers (I refer to women more of our age) are just shocked that we went so far in life without these books!

I also must put in that I was able to add the last 6 Betsy books to my library's collection. And I just sent them on for their first checkout with a mom who is so excite to read them and share them with her daughters.

Ah me. It's times like that which make me so happy to be a librarian. And you help so much in making it possible! (Not just with Betsy-Tacy.)