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Tuesday, February 23, 2010

What's Been Up with Me (some of it)

If you'd like a hint of what's going on with me at work, this is from my LDS blog yesterday:

Day 53

So much to be grateful for at the end of this day:
  • I got the splinter out that had been in the crook of my left index finger for about 6 hours
  • I had leftover dumplings for my dinner
  • I had leftover Sis. E.'s potato salad (so good!) for a snack
  • I got some books added to the order
  • I got a pile of books pulled to prepare for my soon-to-come storytimes.
  • The headache didn't get much worse
  • I had a good excuse to not go to the singles' FHE where the headache would have inevitably gotten worse and where I would have had to deal with the stress of my social anxieties (and annoyances)
  • My fabulous bed now awaits to welcome me with blissful sleep and take away "the Monday Migraine."

1 comment:

Hannah K. said...

So glad you got that splinter out! It sounds like the children's room needs a good sander or something. I can bring tools from home if necessary.