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Monday, May 30, 2011

Finally Moving On

It's almost 3 in the morning. And, yes, I'm awake. Kinda. Waiting to fall asleep any minute now. And, no, I was not a bad girl and stayed up all this time. I fell asleep around 9 or so, while reading Sister Oaks' A Single Voice and commemorating Memorial Day with a Ken Burns documentary. My falling asleep in no way reflects either of the two. I'm just a tired girl. Especially after another day of rain. I've lost count, but I think it's the 14th in a row.

Anywho. I woke around 1:30. Trudged my way to bed, and a random though slight bout of tears from something only my half-asleep brain could explain woke me up. I don't often have trouble falling asleep or falling back to sleep. But this is one of those times. If Internet schlumping doesn't do any thing, then I'll do the almost-never-fails trick and put on a movie.

But I figured while I'm on, I might as well change the AKB Book Club choice. Finally! (I know.) Sorry. Just haven't gotten around to it. I've been debating my choices. What's there to debate? Well, which Austen novel to do.

I know! Aren't you excited? You're probably thinking "It's about time the Austen Knows Best Book Club did an Austen book!" I know, I was thinking the same thing for some time now. Oh, but which one? There are 6 great ones to choose from! I don't really count that 7th as great. Humorous. Odd. Interesting. Not one I like to discuss much. There are also the incomplete works, but why move on to those before the 6 Great Ones?

Thus, which of the 6? Hmmm. While I think on it, I'm going to also point out that we're going to do a Book-Into-Movie aspect with these. It's a book club I want to get started with my teens, so I might as well start here. It's one of my favorite things to do anyhow. And what better way than to do them with Austen?!

Now, I know part of me should do S&S. Because it is the 200th Anniversary of its publication. This is huge! I should be celebrating! Only, I'm lazy and hesitant and not ready to re-read the book. I should. I'm sure 12 years gone by and all that they have been full of would make a huge difference in the reading of it. And there are 2 movie versions that I love of it, and 2 that are so-so. And wouldn't it be nice to do all 6 Austen in publication order for the rest of the year?

That does sound nice. A bit ambitious. But nice. Do you think we would get tired of discussing Austen? I know--perish the thought! But really. 6 months in a row? Would you rather we separate them out. Sprinkle in an Austen here or there among so many other great works? I'll need your opinions on that.

But I think I've settled the book. We'll honor 200 years of What-would-our-lives-be-without-Austen?!?! and read

Sense and Sensibility
published 1811
by A Lady

(And what an awesome Lady she was!)


Meredith said...

How exciting! I've only read this one 1 time, but I really liked it.

Sara Lyn said...

I've needed some motivation to read this and here you are giving it to me! Can't wait!