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Monday, May 2, 2011

HG Trilogy - Character Recall

At last! The very last part of our Hunger Games trilogy discussion. I was curious to what some of your opinions were concerning the characters—not just the main ones. So I found a list on Wikipedia (Further Character Info). It helped me in remembering some of the characters' parts in the trilogy. The following list follows the order given there, in case you need a reminder yourself. Feel free to comment on as many or as little as you would like.

Major Characters

Katniss Everdeen – not my favorite character ever written. But I liked going through the series through her eyes.

Peeta Mellark – Love, love, love Peeta!

Gale Hawthorne – Nice name. Not my kinda guy. I feel sorry for him. And am a little angry with him at the end.

Haymitch Abernathy – the man you hate to love. So crusty, and repulsive at times. And frustrating about if you can or cannot trust him. But he is very deep, and when I reach those depths. Wow. I can’t help but like his character. Almost like a father-figure to Katniss, though I don’t know if she would admit that, or even see it.

Primrose Everdeen – dear Prim. Glad we got to see her more in the 3rd book and that she was able to “come into her own” as a character. Being a younger sister, I think I can sympathize more what it must have been like for her to have her sister take her place. And yet still try to be of use once her sister becomes the symbol of a revolution.

President Snow – ICK!!!!!! Be gone evil one!!!!!!

District 1 – 74th HG

Marvel – how dare you kill Rue! I don’t care if that is the point of the games. Where was your compassion and tenderness? Katniss had it!

Glimmer - not a fun way to die

District 1 – 75th HG

Cashmere – do not like you

Gloss – do not like you

District 2 – 74th HG

Cato – did not like you, but your death was still pretty gruesome and I had some pity for you

Clove – don’t remember much of you, but if you were not trying to help others survive (which you certainly weren’t!), then I don’t like you

District 2 – 75th HG

Brutus – don’t remember you

Enobaria – you are creepy

District 3 – 74th HG

No-named boy – the poor no-names.

District 3 – 75th HG

Beetee – back and forth on him. I liked him. But I got mad at some of the things he was doing (like the bomb development)

Wiress – I really liked her and was very upset with her death

District 4 – 74th HG

Unnamed girl – another very painful death. Makes me nervous with summertime coming up. Just glad I’m not in a place with as many insects any more.

District 4 – 75th HG

Finnick Odair – ah Finnick. You repulsed me at first, but had me by the end. I’m so glad you were able to marry your sweetheart. Your end was very hard for me.

Mags – you sweet thing.

District 5 – 74th HG

Foxface (nickname) – I’m sorry for your death and that you were a thief. But better a thief than a killer. Thank you for avoiding killing anyone.

District 5 – 75th HG

Unnamed male morphling – you poor thing

Unnamed female morphling - ditto

District 7 – 75th HG

Johanna – boy it was hard trying to like you, but I was pretty upset in Book 3 to hear the Capitol had you. I’m happy you survived, even if you aren’t my favorite person. Not even sure we could ever be friends.

Blight – I don’t remember you much

District 8 – 74th HG

Unnamed girl – ignorance is not always bliss

District 8 – 75th HG

Cecelia – no time to get to know you, but I’m sorry for your children

Woof – don’t know you

District 9 – 74th HG

Unnamed boy – the first death—it was not easy for me

District 10 – 74th HG

Unnamed boy – hats off to you for surviving so long

District 11 – 74th HG

Thresh – I liked you

Rue – oh, dear Rue. I’m glad you were taken care of after your death

District 11 – 75th HG

Seeder – don’t know you

Chaff – don’t know you either

Other characters

District 12

Madge Undersee – I really hoped you would have survived

Darius – how dare they! You poor man.

Delly Cartwright – I liked your attitude and cheerfulness, and (of course) your attempts to help Peeta

Mrs. Everdeen – I wasn’t very impressed with her. I know she was pretty shattered from the loss of her husband, but I had hoped she’d step up a bit more. Still, can’t blame her at all.

Greasy Sae – I knew she was a woman, but that name kept making me think man! I liked her. A good supporting minor character

Hazelle Hawthorne – I don’t feel I got to know her well enough


Effie Trinket – one word comes to mind: fluff. Another word could be added: self-centered.

Cinna – I think I had a bit of a crush on Cinna, and not for his fashion tastes and ideas. There was just, something about him. Not sure what. But I totally agree with whoever it was that I think a part of him was attracted to Katniss.

Octavia, Venia, Flavius – fluff, fluff, and more fluff. Though I felt sorry for them in Book 3.

Lavinia (Avox girl) – this poor thing.

Seneca Crane – how can you like someone who creates any of the games? But I still feel bad for his end

Plutarch Heavensbee – I don’t really like this man. Another case of not-so-good on the “good” side

Caesar Flickerman – This guy made me laugh. I really don’t know why.

Portia – don’t really know her much.

Tigris – she creeped me out, but I was glad she helped out

District 13

President Alma Coin - Grrrrrrrrr

Boggs – I really, really liked Boggs! I almost cried about him.

Leeg 1, Leeg 2, Mitchell, Jackson, Homes – I liked that these were the guys accompanying Katniss in the Capitol. Somehow, I felt better “being in” the party with them there, too.

Cressida – Typical journalist. I have an admiration/irked relationship with journalists in my world. No different with Cressida.

Castor – I was sad that he died, but sometimes forgot he was even there. Perhaps that’s a behind the camera thing.

Pollux – I remember that I liked him

Messalla – don’t really remember him

Paylor – don’t remember him at all!

District 8

Twill – way to go for escaping!

Bonnie – ditto!

District 4

Annie Cresta – you poor sweetie. My heart goes out to you still

For more discussion—because there has been a lot of it on YALSA’s book Listserv—what do you think of who they have been casting for the movie? (Movie Cast) I have found it funny how opinionated some are about who is playing who. It’s been fun to dream cast with others.

-I can’t remember who some of us were voting Hugh Laurie to be. We were just voting because, well, it’s Hugh Laurie!

-I do think it would have been interesting to see Kristin Chenoweth as Effie. But I’ve seen her in enough shallow, air-head roles. I prefer when she plays more in-depth characters.

-I’m all about John C. Reilly as Haymitch for looks definitely. But I think his acting would be good, too.

But honestly, I was so involved with the story and the symbolism and such, that before all this YALSA discussion, I never thought much about who I would want to play who if the books were made into movies. Actually, I don’t think I do that much at all when I’m reading. Some times I don’t even think of it until after I’ve seen a movie adaptation—and then I have ideas of whom I would have liked to see.

So no one so far has really been a disappointment. I’m just intrigued as to how the actors and actresses will choose to portray the characters. I’m glad for some of the roles they’re going with lesser-known actors.

I’m most interested in how Peeta will come out. At least I’ve seen the actor in something before.

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