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Friday, February 15, 2013

Before there was Josh Parts 2 & 3

#2: My next love in singing was Cleveland Lynch. Cleveland--wherever you are, I still miss hearing you sing. 

#3: After him came Dallyn Vail Bayles, though I didn't realize who he was until a couple of years ago. See, as a sophomore at BYU, I was blessed to go see The Light of the World. It was a production specifically put on during the Winter Olympics in Salt Lake City. It was very touching and I wished I could see it again. What I remembered the most was how much I loved the main male singer's voice. He played the part of Alma Richards. And I had no idea who he was.

In 2008, during a very difficult time, I discovered the song "My Kindness Shall Not Depart from Thee." I downloaded the choir and solo version. And the solo version, according to my iPod screen, was sung by a Dallyn Vail Bayles. For years it was the song that touched me most. But at one point I was able to see that I loved his voice, too. It still touches me today. I believe it always will. How could it not?

A couple of years ago, I woke up to my iPod as usual. I recognized that the song was one I had downloaded from the Light of the World soundtrack. A song with Alma Richards singing, because I had loved his voice so much. As I lay there, it dawned on me: I had heard that voice somewhere else! I thought and thought, and then connected. It was Dallyn Vail Bayles! I had "found" my Alma Richards!

Since then. I have become an avid fan. I looked up all I could to see what else he had performed in, as actor or singer. Good thing he was pretty "common" in LDS stuff. He's played Hyrum Smith in "Joseph Smith: The Prophet of the Restoration" as well as been in some of the Liken the Scriptures movies. 

I have not been as avid a fan as I could be, seeing as I've not purchased any of his CDs and such. But I still love his music, and his voice.
  So here he is singing one of my most favorite songs ever. I sang it on my own CD, but could never do it the justice that he does.

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