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Thursday, February 14, 2013

Before there was Josh

I posted this on another blog a couple of years ago. I can't believe I didn't mention it on this blog! Because before there was Josh, there was Gordon.

Day 22

I forgot how much I love Gordon McRae's voice. I forgot, that is, untl tonight.

See, I may love Josh's voice. But Gordon's was in my life first and, thus, longest.

Since 3rd grade it was Gordon who told me how beautiful the morning is.

And teased and flirted with me about how others talked about us.

Though he broke my heart in 7th grade, yet he still mended and melted it when he told me how he loved me.

And in high school he made me silly with talk of moonlight.

And could win me over simply by telling me I was the only girl for him.

But tonight? Oh, nothing can beat tonight when he told me he only has eyes for me.


Unfortunately, I'll have to keep that to myself--unless you have access to Tea for Two.

I love a man who can sing--particularly a good tenor/baritone. What about you?

But I had to update. I found the song. Someone finally put it up on YouTube. Now you can hear Gordon sing about only having eyes for me. And I'll try not to swoon each time I play the video.

And as I've discovered this love from Downton Abbey, I must add this one as well.