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Thursday, March 26, 2009

A Novel Idea--really

Comment from my one and only Austen blog follower:
"Do we get to discuss all the men we voted for?"

Why, yes, the letter Bee. What a fantastic idea! Thank you! In the next day or two, I will put a contact email on the blog. Then you may all email me your writings for the Austen men you voted for. Yes, each one. A separate "entry" for each one if you so choose! Then, when the poll is closed, I shall post your own expostulations, sighs, glories, etc. of these great men. Then shall the discussions commence! I'm very much looking forward to it.


the letter Bee said...


PS: Who would ever want Mr. Palmer when there are Misters Darcy and Knightley to be had?? :p

Heidi said...

But the Hugh Laurie Mr. Palmer?!? He's fantastic! Perhaps because I love sarcasm and occasional dry humor. And maybe my pity for him.... Poor man.

Sara Lyn said...

I agree. Hugh Laurie was fantastic! Too funny!

the letter Bee said...

Hugh Laurie's Mr. Palmer was really awesome, but please. I wouldn't want to marry him! :p

Heidi said...

Don't you think he'd be a much better husband if he had a much better wife? :-) Really I only included him (and a couple of other names) on the list to give more choices and a wider range of men types.

the letter Bee said...

Ah-- good idea! I liked that Bingley was on there. Most people forget about poor Bingley.

Jess said...

Aww, the poll is closed. But I must say, I strongly prefer that Col. Brandon fellow. He may not be charming or beautiful, but when he's in love, he's 100% dedicated and impossible to dissuade. Now that's romantic!