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"If people like to read their books, it is all very well, but to be at so much trouble in filling great volumes, which, as I used to think, nobody would willingly ever look into, to be labouring only for the torment of little boys and girls, always struck me as a hard fate; and though I know it is all very right and necessary, I have often wondered at the person's courage that could sit down on purpose to do it." (In other words: rambling analyses, opinions, ideas, views, and comments from an English major, Essay/paper-writing enthusiastic, Austen-loving Master Librarian on, well, Jane Austen...and a whole lot of other things, too.)

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"What is it really like to be engaged?" asked Anne curiously. "Well, that all depends on who you're engaged to," answered Diana, with that maddening air of superior wisdom always assumed by those who are engaged over those who are not."— L.M. Montgomery

Tuesday, March 3, 2009

Of Note

If thou dost wonder of the blog listings which do rest themselves upon the side of this my creation, I have made mention of some blogs which do give me pleasure to peruse. One such boasts the appellation of "Mormon Mommy Blogs." Though not a Mormon Mommy myself, two of my insignificant blogs (that of the religious nature and that of the everything-else nature) have found their honors in being added to the lists found thereon. The honor is to be among so many other more noteworthy endeavors. Yet I do appreciate it all the same.

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