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Wednesday, March 11, 2009

The Wisdom of Chick Flicks

[from my online personal journal]:

Because somehow they know how to speak to the impractical, emotional, irrational, hopeless romantic, sentimental being that is, well, this particular female. At present, it's the women in "Steel Magnolias" (I really must be on a random kick with that or something).

Since I feel exactly like M'Lynn:

And wish the solution could be as easy as Clairee's:

But know that Annelle is right:

Such the pity. Guess I'll have to find some other way. Well, best to leave on a happier note. I have chosen scenes from other Chick Flicks. Various ones having various meanings for me, particularly right now. If you are one of the male readers, I did say Chick Flick for a reason. Your choosing to watch or not is left up to your agency.

The Happy Jane Eyre Discovery by CK, Jenna, and me. Was able to pass this most wonderful version on to Chantelle. SaraLyn, too, yes?
This great discovery shared with CK and Jess B.

North & South--thanks for introducing me to this one, Sarah G.!

Captain Wentworth and Anne finally come to an understanding.

Couldn't help always finding the humor in this romantic finally-coming-together ending. "Oh dear."

I have always loved Mr. Palmer! Or, I should say, the Hugh Laurie Mr. Palmer. Perfect!

Oooooooh Henry. (You could probably end at 3:11 on this one. The dance is the best part of the clip.)

Happiness with Henry

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