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Saturday, July 18, 2015

SOA Memories Part 7

15 years ago - The whole reason I wanted to go on this tour: Singing in Notre Dame Cathedrale!! (And also one of the few who used a bathroom inside--all the way down in the dungeony depths.) Repulsed by the breakfast of just bread (I think this was the morning I cut myself on a hard roll, too.) My 3rd lunch in Europe--items I'd hoped to try for many years (un crepe chocolat et un croque-monsieur). Sightseeing bus tour (more of Paris I'd been longing to see!). Concert at St Roch (where singing Battle Hymn of the Republic took on a new meaning for me).

Concert at St. Roch Cathedral:

Singing in Notre Dame!!!!! (And at 7:02 you can see me with "the gang" waiting for our bus to re-group--wearing the same green backpack that I use today on small trips!) (At 9:15 you can see my "Ever After' moment when I was relating some Heartbreak Hotel moments to the ladies--so glad she didn't capture that conversation on film!!!!)

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