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Sunday, July 19, 2015

SOA Memories Part 8

15 years ago - one of the best days of the entire tour! Though not on the original itinerary, some of us got to go to VERSAILLES! (Another huge dream come true.) Downside was only one fountain was on, and it took us over an hour to find it. Sadly passing on going to the Louvre because of a misunderstanding. Lunch #4 (Salade Verte--because I could order it in French!). Our Mormon Trio + Mrs. Bean Led-by-Me adventure beginning on Le Metro. Experiencing the Paris ghetto (pure awesomeness) and actually getting to use my French. Finding the dress store meant for me, and not being able to afford any of the the dresses. Finding our destination: Le Sacre Coeur (ANOTHER huge dream come true); 319 steps and 75 footsteps on the ramp, in case you wanted to know how many. Le Metro back to Ile de la Cite where I bought my Paris beret and Paris scarf (may it rest in Lost & Found peace where ever it is). Paris Hard Rock Cafe. Going up la Tour Eiffel!!! Feeling sick on the 2nd "floor," not sick on the 3rd "floor," and being impatient with the elevators thus walking down all stairs from the 2nd floor to the 1st among the tower's sparkling lights. First and best sandal tan ever (which somehow created my fettish for sandal tans).

I love that my menu is signed by all of us who sat together!

First 1/2 shows ride on les Bateaux Mouches (because White Bus missed it when the rest of us went), our fun at Hard Rock Cafe, and ta Tour Eiffel. Don't watch the second half! That's for tomorrow's memories. smile emoticon

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