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Thursday, October 22, 2009

Is it just me...

...or can anyone else see the humor in a murder mystery being written by an author names Kaitlyn Dunnett?

The book does hold a bit of interest for me, as I think Joanne Fluke's Hannah Swenson series has spurred my liking for cozy mysteries. Of course, that series also added the tasty flavor of included recipes. Mmmm....holiday season coming up--time to bake from the Swenson recipes again!

The big question in all this, though, is can I wait for our library to obtain the audiobook for the newly released #12 Hannah Swenson book, or will I cave and go for the large print? I'll have to eventually so I can copy the recipes!!


Sara Lyn said...

I'm afraid I don't know who Kaitlyn Dunnett is, but her name is awfully funny for a mystery author. :) Saralyn Dunnett. Hm... :) Just cave in with Hannah! I'm really excited about this book. Will she finally come to her senses and dump Mike?! I seem to have gotten leanings those ways the last couple of books. Is it just me?

Heidi said...

I only heard of Kaitlyn today as I was going through a review journal. It was a good laugh.

It's not just you--she really needs to dump Mike. I mean, I was never a fan of him anyhow, but with "Cream Puff?" Uh! That would have sealed the deal right there! I unfortunately, after writing this post, saw the synopsis for the next book ("Apple Turnover"--love the titles). So I have a guess Fluke is still dilly-dallying between the two. Doesn't she realize that most fans want Norman, and that it would be such a fun direction to take if Hannah and Norman married and sleuthed together!

That's it! I've found my next poll!