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Friday, October 16, 2009

It's fun to be B.A.D. :-)

Tomorrow is British Accent Day (B.A.D.)! No, this is not an official holiday. It's one of my own making with some inspired help from my BYU roommates. Most of us were lovers of British dramas. And one day one roommate wondered aloud if we would ever be able to go a whole day--even a few hours--speaking completely in a British accent. So I declared the 3rd Saturday of October to be British Accent Day. We thought Saturday best because we didn't have school and most were likely to not have work either, thus making the challenge slightly easier for us easily humored and sometimes embarrassed (who, me?!) females.

But we couldn't not go anywhere. That would almost make the fun, well, not so fun. So we wisely chose to do a Wendy's run. However, all of my roommates chickened out. I, on the other hand, kept at it. The cashier--cute little high school boy--after taking my order said, "Can I ask you where you're from?" I totally should have played it up. I should have said New Castle or north of Dover. Because it all would have been truthful. But instead I just smiled and--in my British accent--replied "Delaware!" He looked a little disappointed. Poor guy. Oh well.

I have since tried to honor my holiday, for I do so love the British accents. I hope my fellow British friends do not think I'm making fun in any way. I would love to have the accent permanently (though still using the American accent for particular words that I choose to say the American way). This is my small way of reveling in the joy of hearing British accents, and loving British literature. Of course, I would never want my British accent speaking friends to hear me, as I'm sure I'm not consistent in the least with my accent, but instead am speaking 5 or 6 all in one. Well, I never said I was a proficient. Just and admirer and one who likes to have a fun time.

We'll see how much I will celebrate my holiday tomorrow, as I unfortunately will be among others who do not love and appreciate a British accent as I do. But in case you'd like to celebrate for yourself, it really is a lot of fun and joy!


Sara Lyn said...

Sounds fun! Too bad I can't do accents for beans. Maybe I'll try a couple of minutes in your honor.

Heidi said...

Why thank you! If it helps, "not" is a great starter word. Especially when you think of it as "naught." And watching some British dramas always helps me, too. Any excuse to watch one! :-)