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Thursday, October 29, 2009

Dressing, uh, "Up"

Halloween coming. The only thing I truly like of the day is dressing up--and I love that part. But as I have plans and will be out of town and traveling for part of the day, I'm thinking I'll have to be limited and go the easy route. Red nightgown? That always makes a statement. Especially with the cape.
What do you think? (Sorry--no idea how to turn images on blogs.)

Well, I don't have my beautiful hair right now. OK, I still have my hair. But it's only to my shoulders. That's short to me. And I need to make some kind of statement with it. I'm thinking of teasing it really, REALLY big. And wearing my obnoxiously obvious red lipstick and red nail polish.

The thing is, I like to have a name of "someone" recognizable, though that rarely succeeds.

Elphaba (my best costume ever, I think)
Nicer when it's a literary character, though again no one could tell.

Rilla Blythe
Elizabeth Bennet (attempted 3 times, and so far not quite the thing)

But, of course, it is usually the attempts at something that no one has any idea about. Kind of like the food I make.
A baby
A Hawaiian Princess
Lisa Turtle
Princess and the Pea
Cinderella, post-midnight

So, my question is--what do I call myself this year? Any literary characters that come to mind? (And, no, I will not be a character from Twilight. Besides, technically, I already am a character in the series.)

Oh, if I had a dress even close, I could try Bella Wilfer. Or perhaps someone else. Of course, I've only got 8 hours to come up with something else--and I don't think it will happen. Maybe next year.

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