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Wednesday, November 4, 2009

Here and There

So, apparently you all are happy with me talking about/synopsizing whatever book or movie I so choose. I guess that's a good thing. That, or I lost some of the readers because I haven't been too steady in writing. Sorry about that. I got sick. I know. Again. I wasn't too thrilled about that either. I also have been doing other things that have taken me away from some of the computer time I've previously had.

I would like to make Wednesday nights My Austen Night--but I'm only going to allow myself that if I am being productive at work. Because while I totally can count book-talking (etc) and blog-learning, social-networking as work-related, it's best to make sure I get more library related (specifically my library) work done. Wouldn't you agree?

OK. Well, on to other things. The most recent poll was very low in votes, but we 3 were all unanimous: Norman!!! Best choice for Hannah Swenson--(cookie) bar none. And in happy, related news, I got both the large print and audio copies of the newest Hannah Swenson book today and have enjoyed beginning that. I'm quite excited for some of the recipes, too!

Oh. The Halloween costume? My hair was BIG. Very. It was awesome. I unfortunately didn't get any pictures of it. And with the Harry Potter audio kick I'm on, I had this odd desire of being Bellatrix. But I should have worn my black witch dress for that. And it's not because I like her. I was 1) trying to break my good-girl, princessy motif that I always opt toward. (I know there is absolutely nothing wrong with the good girl, pretty-pretty, but sometimes one just wants something different. I guess that's what the Cinderalla Post Midnight and Princess and the Pea costumes were) and 2) trying to be a character from a book.

Well, that's probably my update for now. I will try to be more consistent. And fun. Until then, I need to get some work done!


Sara Lyn said...

I'm moving on the waiting list for the new Hannah... Can't wait!! I forgive you for not writing all the time while you're sick, by the way. :)

Heidi said...

Oh, thank you.

And already there are 2 recipes I can't WAIT to try!!!