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Wednesday, November 18, 2009

As Promised

Here it is--the latest poll! It's on series that I have read and liked (as you can tell by its title). But I learned something as I created this poll--I haven't read as many series as I had thought! Which is funny, considering I'm always telling people how much I love reading series. I'm hoping it's just that I forgot quite a few.

Please note: This is not a list of my favorite series. It is a list of series that I enjoyed for whatever reason or another at the time in my life that I read them. OK? That is my disclaimer.

Just FYI, in this poll I chose to include only those I have read at least 3 books in the series. So I cannot count those in which I've only read the first book.

Enchanted Forest Chronicles (by Wrede)
Dark is Rising (by Cooper)

The Enchanted Chocolate Pot (by Wrede)

Or those I have never read but will very likely enjoy when I get around to them.

Betsy-Tacy (by Lovelace)
Chronicles of Prydain (by Alexander)

Don't forget the "rules" of the poll:
  1. Vote for the series that you have liked as well.
  2. Make comments about the series from the list that you liked.
  3. Make comments about series that you wish you saw on the list but are not on because I either a) have not read them, b) have not read a significant portion of them c) forgot to put on, or d) did not like.
  4. Have fun!


Heidi said...

P.S. I restricted myself to only 5 choices. But these are my top 5 in picking favorites.

Sara Lyn said...

I liked: Little House, Anne, Emily, Murry Family (the three books I read), Nancy Drew, Hannah Swendsen, Sarah, Harry, and Fitzwilliam. As a preteen, I LOVED Babysitters, but I wouldn't recommend them to any preteen I know because I see all sorts of flaws with them. However, I guess if they get a child reading... Whatever. That's a long discussion. Tennis Shoes was too drama, drama for me. I have never made it through more than two of the Narnia books. (I know. I'm lame.) I didn't like the first Artemis Fowl, so I didn't continue. I didn't make it through Goose Girl, though I need to try that again. Still mad about Twilight. :) I'm glad you mentioned my other favorite series. Although I would also add David Edding's Belgariad and Mallorean. I think you only read Pawn of Prophecy. I like Gilbert Morris's Dr. Cheney Duvall series. And Debra White Smith's Jane Austen series. And Stephanie Barron's Jane Austen mystery series. And Lilian Jackson Braun's The Cat Who series. Judy Baer's Steeple Hill Cafe series. Boxcar Children series. Ginny Aiken's Shop-Til-U-Drop is kind of fun. Rex Stout's Nero Wolfe series--fun mysteries! Love the Mrs. Piggle-Wiggle series. Also enjoyed the Katie John series. Oh, LOVED the As the Ward Turns series. Liked Pippi Longstocking. Ooo! And What Katy Did by Susan Coolidge. (Followed by What Katy Did at School and What Katy Did Next.) And I loved the Enchanted, Inc series by Shanna Swendsson. The P&P mystery series by Carrie Bebris has some good points to it. Are you bored yet? I think it's funny that a lot of the books I'd like to add are only two books long instead of three. So I can't add things like Eight Cousins and Rose in Bloom or The Good Master and The Singing Tree. Grr... :) But I'm also quite stunned by how many series I've read and loved. I guess once I get attached to a character, I want to know all about them.

Heidi said...

Of the series you mentioned, the following I've never heard of:

-Gilbert Morris's Dr. Cheney Duvall (though I am familiar with the author and have thought to try one or two of his)
-Judy Baer's Steeple Hill Cafe
-Ginny Aiken's Shop-Til-U-Drop
-Mrs. Piggle-Wiggle (but something rings a bell...maybe...can't remember)
-Katie John
-What Katy Did by Susan Coolidge

And of the series you mentioned, these I would like to at least start or give them a try:

-Debra White Smith's Jane Austen
-Stephanie Barron's Jane Austen mystery
-Lilian Jackson Braun's The Cat Who
-The P&P mystery series by Carrie Bebris

I think one thing right now is I'm in the middle of so many other books, that I'm hesitant to start a series 'cause I know if I get hooked I'll only have eyes (or ears) for them and the other 40+ "currently reading" books will get neglected. (How's that for a run-on?) Example: my recent love for the Bayern Books and the current re-reading of HP.

Actually, some that I knew I would love the rest of the series I am still resisting (like Enchanted Forest). And then there are those I wasn't too impressed with the first and didn't feel to finish the series (like Percy Jackson and Gemma Doyle). Some I don't want to touch with a FIFTY-foot poll (Princess Diaries, Traveling Pants, etc).

Your reasoning for why you like a character and wanting to read all about them has always been my reasoning for why I love series so much. But I'm guessing my conviction behind that wasn't very, uh, strong.

Heidi said...

Last night I "discovered" (more like never looked at before) this library's list of various series. They include just sequels, too, which I liked.

Certainly not complete--they don't have anything of Alcott's! I think I may have to send a comment.

Sara Lyn said...

When it comes to Debra White Smith's Austen series, make sure to get past her P&P spin-off even though that's the first one, technically. Since they don't run together, I suppose you could even just skip it. It's fairly lame. But I enjoyed the others for many reasons. Just don't expect "great literature." But I very much enjoy that series.

Mrs. Piggle-Wiggle, Katie John, and What Katy Did are all children's series and won't take long at all.

I would encourage you to keep your attitude of not wanting to touch Princess Diaries/Traveling Pants with 50 foot pole. I thought TP would have some merit, but in the end, I was highly disappointed. :(

Thanks for the url, by the way.