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Saturday, November 7, 2009

My Pre-View

A review on something I haven't seen yet. Though I have seen a clip and a preview. So maybe this is a Preview Review.

A Christmas Carol

The new version. The Polar Express-like one. I had already been worried. The clip had me lessening the worries in seeing Jim Carrey be more on the serious side of acting. (Always a relief for me.) I also was excited about some of the other voice talents. Unfortunately, then I saw a preview. And I am already highly displeased.

A Christmas Carol is an excellent book. One with so much to gain from, and sadly one that most film adaptations have left out something or another. I don't know, yet, what this adaptation has left out, but I know it's going to have to be a decent amount to accommodate for all the Scrooge being shot up to the moon, and Scrooge either at normal size or growing tiny so he can wind, fly, run, and slide through the streets and sewers of London. Yeah. I'm serious. The animators are trying to show off what they can do instead of focus on the amazing story. Yes it's interesting to feel like you're going to get sick yourself while you watch a movie like that. That is impressive animation. Especially if you watch the thing in 3-D, which this like Polar Express (which I did see 3-D) is headed toward.

But I don't care about visual animation impressions. I care about story to storyboard to on screen. Will they maintain what is priceless, powerful, and wonderful? Will the lessons be learned? I am sadly of the opinion that too much will be left out and not as much as could have been retained will remain. Though Muppet Christmas Carol is still my favorite adaptation, I have yet to see one that not only does the book justice, but does it well.

What's your opinion? (This is the one I saw in the theater 2 weeks ago. It started out fine. And then went down hill--with icicles.)

Whereas this one? I can't wait to see it!


Meredith said...

Yes, this definitely enters the uncanny valley. Not quite real looking, but real enough that it looks beyond freaky. I'm not sure I could watch it.

Heidi said...

Part of me feels I can't pass it up. I want to be informed. And I kind of have a thing about "Christmas Carol" adaptations. I find myself doing that with other books I like--P&P, Jane Eyre....

Of course, I do it with some I don't like, too. e.g. "Wuthering Heights." I can't stand the story! But I find myself watching all sorts of adaptations. Why!?! Oh, right. Because I keep thinking Catherine and Heathcliff will stop being stupid. When will I ever learn?