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Thursday, November 26, 2009

"There's so much to be thankful for"

[from my online personal journal today]

I'm alive! Never fear. I am around on this Thanksgiving Day. And very grateful to be so, too. S much gratitude that I could share--in this trip as well as in life overall. But I must be off to make a relish/vegetable tray (I love making these!). And then we're setting off for Jacksonville for the big feast. And sometime today I will call me Mum and remember my family memories and traditions as we talk about her better-than-anyone's dressing (aka stuffing--just not in our home), her millions of pies, her amazing mashed potatoes, THE rolls, and John Denver & the Muppets.

I miss my family. The one I grew up in and the one I am still preparing to have. But I'm grateful for eternal sealings that will keep us together through eternity if we our faithful in keeping the commandments and our covenants. I cannot be with them physically on this very family favorite holiday of mine, but I will always be with them spiritually and emotionally. They are "written upon the fleshy tables of [my] heart." I've often thought that an oddly-phrased phrase, but it is quite true. They are permanently in my heart. And we will always be together.

Those two things are always what I'm most grateful for: my eternal family and the glorious Gospel of my Brother, Savior, and Friend Jesus Christ who made that eternal connection possible. May each of you have a wonderful Thanksgiving and be thankful every minute of every day throughout every year for that which truly matters most.

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