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Thursday, November 19, 2009

It's Good to be the Librarian

Check out the recent post from ClosedStacks. I love hearing/reading about things like this! Especially such awesome compliments like this:

Q: Why do you think you’ve come across so many interesting librarians? What is it about the profession? Does the ‘meek librarian’ stereotype figure in to this discovery at all?

A: Librarians are curious, open to the world, and constantly learning. That can’t help but make a person interesting! Meek? I think modest is a better word. They aren’t egoists. They’re very happy getting lost in their work and being of service.

Though I'm not quite sure what to think on this:

Q: Did anything you came across in your research especially surprise/concern/inspire you?

A: Their wit and sense of humor! I had no idea librarians could be so funny!

:-) Ha ha. I will put a personal note for my part--if I'm funny, it's because I get great stories to tell from working in a library. That's all.

But I'm so happy others think we are funny, curious, open, modest, and interesting. Always makes me feel good about my choice of profession instead of feeling like I "took the easy road," "do nothing," or "don't matter and [am] not needed." (All things I've been told--more than once.)

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~Mary said...

I have REALLY great librarians here in Scotland. They always ask my opinion on new books and ask what American books they should buy!

You have THE dream job Heidi!! I am jealous beyond words.