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Wednesday, April 7, 2010

Blue Castle Questions, Part 3

Valancy gave him a swift, furtive look as she hurried by.

What were your first impressions of Barney Snaith?

I loved that he was working on his car. I guess the manliness of it all, I don't know. And that he was different from everyone introduced in the story so far. And that there was a mystery about him. And that you knew right off he was his own man. There were definite things attractive about him and I was hoping we'd see him a bit more in the book. I had no idea just how much or simply how he was going to factor into the story! And what a smile I had when Valancy's dreams changed a bit that night. :-)

“You made me apologise to Olive fifteen years ago for something I didn’t do,” said Valancy. “That old apology will do for now.”

In all honesty, how would you rather have had Valancy react to Olive, particularly as the book goes on?

In all honesty? I wanted Valancy to smack Olive! A good hard slap. I know--not very Christlike. But I can't help it. Olive deserved a good come-uppance with a smack-down. Yet all people "receive" their reward. Olive, I am sure, will never be as happy and fulfilled as we Valancy will be at the end of the book. And even though Olive hasn't gained much or come down many degrees, we know that her unwillingness to change for the better will have its results and effects as time goes on.

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Sara Lyn said...

I loved Barney right from the start. Couldn't help it. And I'm with you. Wanted to smack Olive, although I guess I'm glad she didn't. It wouldn't have helped anything. Violence is not the answer! :) I'm glad Valency ended up feeling sorry for her.