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Thursday, April 8, 2010

Blue Castle Questions, Part 4

Valancy looked—and looked—and looked again.

Describe your mental image of The Blue Castle.

That is a tough one. Every girl has her a Blue Castle. Me? I have two. The one I have created from this book and the one I has created in my own life. The one I see in the book was a sweet little cottage set high up on a tiny island. Funny, sometimes I actually see it as blue! And even sometimes see a 2-3 story gabled and turreted home (like a mini Disney Pollyanna house) that still fits on that tiny island. But usually it is a little home made from the surrounding woods, so it looks even more like it belongs. It has trees all about it. And it is the most comfortable, happy looking place one would ever find in the middle of the absolute no-where of Canadian back country. (Not like I've ever been there, but Montgomery does a good job with description!)

The one in my own life? It is a wavering vision that fades with age, although sometimes there are moments of brightness. It is ever-changing--the walls, the furnishings, the landscaping, the setting, and all of it. I have had various glimpses of ideals that have never held permanence. Only one thing has been steady and sure in it: a happy home wherein I reside with my best friend and love of my life. When that one thing comes into being, I know I will have found my Blue Castle, and that if we work together and strengthen our love every day, it will stay with us where ever we go.

“That’s partly why I want to marry you,” said Valancy.

What do you think of living in the wild, tramping in the woods, and being so separated from the world as Valancy and Barney live?

That would be ideal!!!! I would be so, so, so, so happy. Well, as long as I can still easily get to my family in a day's travel by airplane. But ever since I first read The Blue Castle, I have been in love with such a life.


Sara Lyn said...

As far as living in the wild, it sounds nice in my mind and then I remember how I hate feeling itchy and how every time I step into the woods, I feel itchy. Hm... But it does sound idyllic.

Heidi said...

I just got back from my walk tramping in the wild. It was so lovely! But I'll admit, I'm wary of bugs--particularly ticks. Too many ticks in my lifetime. I don't want any more. The only reason I remained 6 years at Girls Camp bug-bite free is because I doused myself in sunblock and bug spray. So, yeah, if I wear to live in the idyllic life in the wild, my husband, children, and I would all have to get used to the smell og sunblock and bug spray.

So can I at least have a fantastic home with acreage of woods so I can go out whenever I want, yet stay in when I want, too? THAT would be my ideal.