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Monday, April 12, 2010

Blue Castle Questions, Part 7

“I have things I want to hide,” said Barney coolly. “You are not to ask me about them.”

Did you guess any of Barney’s secrets before Valancy learned them?

I confess I did wonder about John Foster, when he expressed such (to me) unreasonable dislike for the guy. I never once believed that Barney was a murderer or doing anything bad. I just couldn't believe that of him. But being the son of Dr. Redfern? Hadn't a clue. That was a very enjoyable twist for me. It gave Barney much more substance having a past that showed he truly could relate to Valancy. And his giving it all up and preferring to live a "poor" life--what a man!

Valancy was not excited. She had absorbed all the shocks and sensations that she could compass for one day. This affected her neither one way nor the other.

How would you have reacted when you discovered the truths about Barney?

Hmmm. Another good author tactic? Because I felt as Valancy did. I was phased only as much as she. I felt overwhelmed by all the news, too. And with it all coming at once, it was harder for me to grasp as I could if it had come little by little. I suppose since I had kind of been guessing about John Foster, it wasn't too huge a surprise for me there. But maybe that was another thing Montgomery had been doing throughout the book so I wouldn't be as surprised. Who knows?

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