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Friday, November 12, 2010

Rose, Rose, Rose

This blog’s most loyal reader—who happened to supply the questions for our current AKB book choice(s) has beaten me to the punch. She answered the questions before I was able to get around to me. Which told me I needed to get my back side in gear and answer the questions! Her answers are posted in a comment to the post with the questions. But I am going to post them as a guest post as well.

As I embark on answering the questions for myself, I have not as yet read her answers. I’m saving that to comment on later.

Eight Cousins

1. Who were your favorite characters?
Uncle Alec and Cousin Archie. I didn’t click with Rose as much, but I figured most of that was because she was growing up under good care and supervision at last. I did like Mac a lot overall, but there were times that I was disappointed in him.

2. What morals did you agree with? Disagree with?
Goodness. I’m forgetting already which were set out as morals. Most of the morals seemed to correspond with my own. I don’t remember being affronted by anything differing from my own, though there may have been.

3. If you were Rose, how would you have reacted to the cousins?
Probably the same way at the beginning—surprised and shocked. I think I, too, would have enjoyed their company. I’m not sure if I would have aimed at being the good influence on them. I certainly didn’t try that with my own horde of brothers!

4. How would you have felt if you were Phebe and Rose asked to adopt you?
I would have felt honored while also feeling a bit silly—or feeling the silliness of it all. How much is the age difference? Even in a humble position, I don’t think I would be able to help looking down on such an offer. Not a flattering portrayal of me, no. But it’s honest. Phebe is much better than me—I know that.

5. What did you think of Uncle Alec?
I love Uncle Alec and think it the most tragic thing that he is a bachelor! I know why (though the hints were a bit too subtle in the book). But I would love to meet a (clean-shaven) Uncle Alec, close to my age. I would be happy indeed.

6. What is your favorite part of the book?
I did enjoy when Rose took Mac “away” for recovery. That place and time seemed very fun and idyllic. Maybe that’s because I am badly in need of a vacation right now. But I liked how it all was there.

Rose in Bloom

1. Who were your favorite characters?
I definitely liked Rose better, even if I didn’t love her to pieces. But I think my favorite characters of all would be Uncle Alec and Mac. Absolute least favorite: Charlie.

2. After your first taste of "society," would you have been able to easily give it up?
Considering how I am about “society” now, I think I would have been able to. Plus, I love my sleep. :-)

3. Did the characters grow up like you expected them to?
Most of them did. Not Charlie. I did not expect that and I was not happy with it in the least.

4. What is your favorite part of the book?
I think my favorite part was all the little hints of Mac’s affection—even when he didn’t realize them himself.

5. Did anything make you swoon? :)
Unfortunately, no. The writing went into “detail” where I didn’t want it to, and either dragged or rushed through the parts that I most wanted to imagine. There was potential, but the writing didn’t do it justice. If I ignored the writing and just imagined the story myself, then it would probably be when Mac and Rose finally end up together at the end.

6. Would Charlie have shaped up if Rose had given in to him?
I don’t think so. Any person trying to overcome vices should do so to please the Lord and make themselves a better person, not to please someone else. I’m not sure if I’m saying what I mean, but it’s something along the lines of his purpose and cause were not true, righteous, and good enough to have been a sincere and complete change. You can see it wasn’t enough even when Rose WAS a reason for him. Plus, I think Alcott was determined to not let him shape up. Unfortunate, too. For I believe he could have shaped up without Rose. But Alcott didn’t let him. Still not happy with that way of conveniently getting him out of the picture.


Sara Lyn said...

I still think Alcott was making a good point with Charlie. His mom had always indulged him, spoiled him. He was weak because he never had to be strong. I don't think it's terribly unrealistic.

ldsjaneite said...

No, not terribly unrealistic. But I still think he didn't need to die!

His mother bugged me. Maybe she was my least favorite character in the end. I sometimes to think of the aunts as characters, as it was all about Rose and the males for me. Is that, um, a telling of some kind?

Sara Lyn said...

His mother is supposed to bother you. DON'T BE LIKE HER I think is the message. :) I have to say I adored Aunt Jessie, so I remember her, but then again, I have lots of brothers, too, so maybe that's it.

ldsjaneite said...

Agreed--you shouldn't want to be like Charlie's mom!

I did like Aunt Jessie. Being on the younger end of the kids, it's hard to know if my mother was that way with us. But watching her with my little brother, I have a guess that she was pretty awesome in that way. I know she's awesome in every other way, so that would be fitting. :-)