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Monday, November 22, 2010

An Award!

I received a blog award from Christina T at Reading Extensively.

Back in May.

And she thought she was slow in passing it on! Ha ha. I've been terrible. But in all defense, I was in full swing of my new position with Summer Reading. That's a librarian term for "no other life possible."

Yet I am now able to gratefully accept this blog award.

Christina T gave me the
Kreativ(e?) Blogger Award.

The "rules"
List seven things about myself and then pass the award on to seven other bloggers.


7 things.


Well, here goes.

(Forgive me if I've mentioned these previously some where.)

1. The middle toe on my right foot is shorter than all other 9 toes.
2. I love all but 1 shade of blue, and a few shades of green. Yet I say that my favorite color is green. (Should I specify a shade when stating color preference, or ignore the shade factor and stick with the overall color that contains my favorite shade?)
3. I have naturally curly hair--and I like it. Adore it. This is a rare phenomenon in the curly-hair world.
4. I have the oddest food tastes. Many wonder if I will crave normal food when I'm pregnant.
5. One of my front teeth would not come in on its own, so the dentist had to cut the gum for it to come through. Never drooled so much in my life.
6. I can wriggle my lower eyelid.
7. I get paid to sing and dance to songs with lyrics like this:
Bananas unite!
Bananas split!
Peel bananas! Peel, peel bananas!
Go bananas! Go, go bananas!

There were no specifications as to how to award the blog, unless it is obviously stated--a blog I think is creative. But I only read so many blogs. And I've awarded some multiple awards--ddo you think they'd get tired of this?! And then some that I love to give awards to don't do awards. So, um, here goes. (I don't think I'll get all 7.)

1. The Brambler - for the showcasing of the love of the muses, and for not being a whining blogger! (From one who can be, I appreciate this a lot.)
2. Beware of Kids - because the blogger is one of the most creative people I know--her blog only shows one millionth of that creativity!
3. The Path Less Followed - if I'm right, I believe she created the background herself. She does other pretty creative things, too.
4. The Thursday Chronicles - yeah, I may be a co-writer. But the concept of the owner is pretty awesome and I think it was creative.
5. Mona's Musings - a blog about making marriage (and other relationships) better and stronger? Fabulous!!!
6. Recommend one to me!
7. Recommend another one to me!

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