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Thursday, May 14, 2009

Best MP Film Adaptation

7 votes

2007 – BBC 4 (47%)
1999 – Miramax (I promise to restrain myself of the many negative things I could say) 3 (42%)
1983 – BBC (w/ the Chariots of Fire/Amazing Grace guy) 0 (0%)
Other 0 (0%)
Never Seen Any 0 (0%)

My Say:
I'm sorry. I just could not back '99 when it completely changed Fanny. Not that she is an admirable heroine. But she wasn't meant to be either. Do NOT make her into what people believe Austen herself to have been--right down to writing the History of England (which Austen wrote)! Or even write in the Harris Bigg-Wither story of Austen's acceptance of a proposal only to back out of it the next day. No. Fanny was very, very wise and Henry Crawford never appealed to her. She always saw through him. I will say, though, that there are a few things (perhaps 10% of the movie) that I thought were done well. Most of them involving Edmund. The absolutely terrible let's-make-this-movie-PG13 additions that in no way are Austen really upset me. Still, I know they meet their audience.

So, judging by my disgust of '99, you can see why I chose '07. Best so far, though far from being good. It's like Meredith said--they need to make a good adaptation of this book. And none exists, yet.


Brittany Marie said...

That 1999 version was SO weird. Seriously.

Heidi said...

Weird. And wrong.