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Monday, May 25, 2009

Memorial Day 2009

[from my online journal today]:
In memory of the all the many heroes--particularly the fallen--who have helped us obtain and keep the freedoms we have, I am posting a few personally meaningful things on this Memorial Day 2009.

A wonderful, patriotism-stirring song I have always loved.

A song I love, but one I hadn't attributed to our military.

Deeper meanings in these 2 songs touched me more than ever before, and I had to include them.

(Lyrics to songs in previous video)
In Dreams
When the cold of Winter comes
Starless night will cover day
In the veiling of the sun
We will walk in bitter rain

But in dreams
(But in dreams)
I can hear your name
And in dreams
(And in dreams)
We will meet again

When the seas and mountains fall
And we come to end of days
In the dark I hear a call
Calling me there
I will go there
And back again

Prayer of the Children, arr. by Kurt Bestor
Can you hear the prayer of the children on bended knee, in the shadow of an unknown room?
Empty eyes with no more tears to cry, turning heavenward toward the light.
Crying, “Jesus, help me to see the morning light.
But if I should die before I wake, I pray my soul to take.”

Can you feel the hearts of the children aching for home, for something of their very own?
Reaching hands with nothing to hold on to, but hope for a better day, a better day.
Crying, “Jesus help me to feel the love again.
But if unknown roads lead away from home, give me loving arms, away from harm.”

Can you hear the voice of the children softly pleading for silence in their shattered world?
Angry guns preach a gospel full of hate, blood of the innocent on their hands.
Crying, “Jesus, help me to feel the sun again upon my face.
For when darkness clears I know you're near, bringing peace again.”

Dali cuje te sve djecje molitve?

Can you hear the prayer of the children?

And yet even with the fights fought, and victories won, the biggest battle still rages on.

We cannot lose it. We must not lose it. Fervent prayer for the Savior's aid, and diligence in keeping His commandments, and we can win. Our country still has a chance at remaining free.

Who will help me?

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