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Thursday, May 14, 2009

Best NA Film Adaptation

7 votes

2007 – BBC (JJ Field!) 7 (100%)
1986 – A&E (you must be out of your mind!) 0 (0%)
Other (I don’t think one exists) 0 (0%)
Never Seen Any 0 (0%)

My Say:
I have smart friends! WOOHOO for 100% on the best adaptation! Yes, '86 was creepy and weird and just wrong! I still could have done without some of Catherine's dream sequences in '07 because it's painful to be in her imagination. But you cannot beat Henry. Especially as they include 1 of the 2 great dance scenes from the book. Oh, if only they would include the best of the dance scenes though! I do believe they could have added another 1/2 hour to that adaptation and included some of the other parts of the book. Too much fun-ness to not include. Especially those that extol the merits of my Henry. (Hey--it's my blog. I can show my bias as much as I want! hee hee)

One thing I do not understand--why can they never put in how the book was: Catherine's Most Embarrassing Moment with Henry happens well before she is sent away from Northanger. It's the time afterwards when Henry tries to make amends and their friendship remains and increases that I love so much. It makes Henry that much more amazing. Oh well. Maybe someday another version will come out. And though JJ was great, I still long to see my Ioan play the role. He would be excellent!


Brittany Marie said...

I laughed my way through the 86 version! Hahahaha!

Heidi said...

I did at times, too. But I think I scared my neighbors who borrowed it, 'cause they thought I loved it. No!

Brittany Marie said...

It was a bit like watching a British version of a Mexican Novella. LOL

Meredith said...

I think I need to read the book again. I don't remember being too enamored of Henry. But you have great loyalty to him, so he must be pretty great.

Heidi said...

Oh yes! Read it again, Meredith. I especially think you will love the humor and sarcasm in it!