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Thursday, May 14, 2009

Best S&S Film Adaptation

8 votes

2008 – BBC (part of the Austen series in 2008) 3 (37%)
1995 – Columbia Pictures (Ang Lee/Emma Thompson) 5 (62%)
1981 – BBC 0 (0%)
1971- BBC (TV version) 0 (0%)
Other 0 (0%)
Never Seen Any 0 (0%)

My Say:
I know so much of my heart belongs to the '95 version for so many reasons. Probably a post in itself. But last week after watching '08 (for my 2nd time), I cannot help but prefer that adaptation just a wink more. If anything for the fact that they 1) include my favorite scene (though vastly edited) from the book and 2) they don't try to make Willoughby out as some tragic hero. He's a promiscuous scalliwag and deserves a miserable fate!


Brittany Marie said...

Yeah, I have that same struggle between the 96 version and the 08 version. I love them both for different reasons, but I think I love the 08 version a tad more.
PS: What was up with the older BBC version where they totally cut Margaret out?!

Heidi said...

About Margaret-I know! You don't just cut out a sister. Her presence in the family made a huge difference, especially in showing that Marianne could have her slightly more responsible moments. Slightly. I really loved Margaret's character in the '08.

Meredith said...

I loved Edward in '08! Wink, wink! Wow, do I always choose the adaptation for the guys? Quite possibly. But I also really love the sisters. My only complaint about '08 is that there is no Hugh Laurie as Mr. Palmer. He's my fav. part of '96.

Heidi said...

Yep. Hugh was my favorite part of that version, too.