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Thursday, May 14, 2009

Best P&P Film Adaptation

8 votes

2005 – Focus Features (Matthew MacFayden version…and that one girl) 1 (12%)
2003 – (LDS Version) 0 (0%)
1995 – A&E/BBC (Yeah, Firth) 7 (87%)
1980 – BBC (aka “Board” stiff Mr. Darcy) 0 (0%)
1940 – MGM (Greer Garson!) 0 (0%)
Other 0 (0%)
Never Seen Any 0 (0%)

My Say:
No. I didn't think the LDS version would get any votes. But I do love it for all its joys.

I love '05 for absolutele everything (scenery, music, adapting to reach a wider audience) except Keira Knightley. And as she plays a significant role in the movie, it unfortunately dragged the overall opinion down.

I'm glad I was enlightened away from the '80 version. But you can't help love that they kept the line in "Save Your Breath to Cool Your Porridge" as it originally was in the book (Lizzie "to" Mr. Darcy instead of '95 version having Lydia say it to Kitty).

The '40 version only good because of Greer. The ending? Yes, SaraLyn--I hate it, too!

I'm happy with the winner. '95 is a wonderful book-to-film adaptation. While I still think the characters are portrayed a bit excessive in their faults (compare to how even the unlikeable characters in '05 still have understandably likeable qualities), they are still quite classic. I've seen this adaptation reach males as well as females. 5 hours really isn't that long. And how can I not vote for the movie that our apartment watched every semester during finals week?


Brittany Marie said...

Keira Knightley is a horse face. There, I said it. I LOVE the soundtrack to the 05 version though. LOVE IT. And I like that Jane is actually more beautiful than Lizzy in that version.

Heidi said...

Ha ha ha ha ha ha ha!!!! I love that you said that! And I agree with you about Jane looking prettier. They made her so unattractive in the '95 version.

Meredith said...

Good call on pretty Jane. That always bugged me in '95. I mean, she was nice, but weird looking. And I like Keira Knightley. It may be an unpopular opinion, but there it is.