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Tuesday, June 29, 2010

Again! Again!

Look to the left. I finished another Book Challenge! AND I'm at least halfway done with all the others (that someone else is sponsoring). *Phew!* I think that's good progress and timing, considering tomorrow marks half the year gone.

But my word. It's getting tough. Especially with print books! I never have time. And if I actually find some, I fall asleep within a page or two. I'm just so exhausted, and calming my brain enough to focus on a book is enough for it to think "Time to sleep!"

However, I'm getting there. And really enjoying the challenges. The books, too. I've felt such a sense of accomplishment, especially considering I've picked some that I really didn't care to finish. I can see it helping me with my Readers' Advisory (particularly YA--go figure). I just wish the local library (excluding mine!) would let YA books count for its Summer Reading Program. All these books I'm reading, and I don't think I'll get much reward for any of them.

Oh? And the S'n'H 2010 Book Challenge? It's coming along. Some categories are getting much harder for me to fill. Not that there aren't any books for them, they're just not in audio. (Seriously. I've become that picky that I will turn away a book because it isn't audio. Terrible, Me. Terrible.) The run-down:
Categories completed (with at least one book, and not a re-read): 24
Categories left: 25
Of Catefories left, currently (and progressively) working on: 3

So, I think that puts me at about 1/2 way for completing that challenge, too.

And as for points? 460.9


Sara Lyn said...

I have finished 22 categories of the S&H challenge if finish means books that are not rereads. (I like that name.) But I have a lot of categories with like 10 books. Um... I guess I tend to read authors with names starting with the same last letter. :) And I have read a whole bunch of series this year so that only goes under one category usually. Oh, well. My points are pretty sweet though. Earlier this month I had 885 points. But I get a lot of time to read while baby sleeps.

Sara Lyn said...

And duh, me. Congratulations on finishing another challenge! And way to be half-way done or so with others. That's amazing. You are SO BUSY!