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Friday, June 25, 2010

Goose, Part 3

4. Because we love them so--OK, because I love them so--I saved Isi and Geric for their own question. What were your thoughts about Isi as the book progressed? What were your thoughts on Geric? Did you have your suspicions about him?

I've been mentioning in previous answers already that as the book progressed, I loved Isi more. I loved going along with her as she found her confidence and strength, learned lessons, and made friends--especially with Geric. Yes. I am in love with Geric. Very, very much. And from the time he first entered the book, I knew he was the prince. I just...knew it. So I went about the whole time smirking over this prince with faults and weaknesses, who was mesmerized and uplifted by Isi. I still enjoyed the "surprise" of the revelation, though.

I know I could go into more detail. But I'm just going to state it this way:

I love, love, love, love, LOVE Geric and Isi. Separately, and together.


Sara Lyn said...

Ditto. To almost everything you said.

Meredith said...

Dang, I really wish I could remember if I was surprised when he turned out to be the prince. It's been too many years since I first read this one, I guess.

Isi is a wonderful character. I really like her arc from not only in this book, but throughout all 4 books. She's my favorite thing (well, maybe tied with Finn) about Enna Burning. So awesome!