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Monday, June 28, 2010

Goose, Part 4

5. How did you feel about Falada?

I know I've already mentioned some of this in answers. So, I thought the horse-speaking was a little far-fetched at first. But I was still "close" to the horse and had to keep from crying over his fate. When its head ended up on the gate, I thought, "What?!" It seemed too gruesome and far-fetched. So I researched and learned that part was in an older telling of the fairy tale. So I just accepted it and moved on.

6. Did you think the magical/mystical elements worked in the book? Were they believable? Did they flow well in the story?

I think the magical elements worked in the book. It took me a while to accept people-speaking, but I certainly had by the end to make Celia's evilness even more so. And since I felt like I was learning wind-speaking right along with Isi, that seemed believable, too. And I'm thinking it flowed well, too. But I will admit that sometimes when the story is interesting enough, I sometimes ignore if the writing did well in conveying it. (I can think of one example in particular, but I won't even mention it as it very much pales in comparison to Hale and her writing and stories.) However, I enjoy Hale's writing too much and I think I can defend that she made them flow well in the story.


Sara Lyn said...

Ha, ha! I know what you are referring to, I think!

Meredith said...

Yeah, the head part was grody. I was always creeped out by that in the original story.

I love the magic in this book. It's kind of subtle and believable. I'm pretty sure I've known people with the non-magic version of people speaking before, and they really were mostly evil (or at least really mean). I really like the idea of the different languages.