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Wednesday, September 9, 2009

Across the Pond Poll

Well, I have learned something about myself in creating this new poll. At first I thought it was that I was sadly neglecting my native land and not watching Period dramas based there. But it's more than that.

  1. Many of the movies based on books in a North American Period film were ones I just never wanted to watch. I mean...really.
  2. Many of the movies are based on books that have values, morals, characteristics, and standards that I do not agree with.
  3. I've read plenty of books that have been made into movies and would fit on this poll. But as I haven't seen the movie, I could not include it on the poll.
  4. Note that many of the North American Period films were made pre-2000, but many of the British Period films were made post-2000. I grew up with some of the N.A. films. But when I reached college and began to study British lit as an English major while all of these adaptations were coming out, well, what else would I be watching?

Of course, as you can see by this poll, I was really stretching for some adaptations. And there are plenty on here that I did not like then, or am not quite the fan of now. I'm not expecting too much enthusiasm from this poll, but boy could the comments sure roll!

So, it is the same for this poll as it was with the last poll.

  1. Vote for the ones you enjoyed.
  2. Make a comment here about the ones you did not enjoy--whether it be the storyline, the actors, the acting, the adaptation, or whatever. Actually, you can make similar comments about those you did enjoy. I'd like to hear both, though. Because I hope you will note that I put some up there that I did not end up enjoying.
  3. Make a comment here about ones you thought of but I did not think (or did not bother) to include on the poll.

Polls coming soon:

•Much-Loved British Period Dramas (of any kind)
•Much-Loved American Period Dramas (of any kind)

One more thing! Please send me suggestions for polls you would like. I'm considering doing polls on British films, British books, American films, and American books (all separate) using suggestions from you readers. So if you have ones you hold in high estimation, send them along and we'll see what others think of them, too!


Sara Lyn said...

Ooo!! Book polls would be fantastic! But before I vote on this current poll, I need some clarification. I've only seen the first of the "Love Comes Softly" series and enjoyed that one. I started the second and couldn't get into it. So do I check or not check? I'm not asking you, but could you break those out? Or just put the first one? Same thing with Anne. I HATED the third movie. It was horrible and wretched and every other bad thing. So I can't in good conscience check that either, but I did very much love the first two. You can see my dilemma. Are you stuck with how it is or can we change that?

Heidi said...

It's too late to separate them, unfortunately. I figured most people would have seen at least the first of the series and trilogies listed. I guess this is me saying to look at the listing as the first movie, but the series/trilogy is mentioned in case readers were unaware of the other films.

Meredith said...

Amen to despising the third Anne movie. I love the first two enough that I still checked it, but the third makes me irrationally angry and causes my nervous twitch to act up.

Apparently, I don't like many N. American classics. Truthfully, I could only check Tuck Everlasting (book is better, but the movie still made me cry like a baby), Anne of Green Gables (with reservations), and Little Women, which is one of my fav. movies evah!