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Monday, September 21, 2009

Possibly Loved North American Literature-Based Period Dramas on Film Poll Results

I know. I've gotten behind again. Here are the results for North American Literature-Based Dramas on Film Poll. 10 voters this time! Yay!! (Remember that though a trilogy or series might be mentioned, the poll dealt with only the first movie.)

Little House on the Prairie – 2005: 2 (20%)
Love Comes Softly series – 2003-2007: 5 (50%)
Tuck Everlasting – 2002: 5 (50%)
The House of Mirth – 2000: 1 (10%)
L.M. Alcott’s The Inheritance – 1997
Washington Square – 1997: 1 (10%)
The Buccaneers – 1995: 1 (10%)
Tom and Huck – 1995: 1 (10%)
Little Women – 1994: 8 (80%)
Legends of the Fall – 1994: 1 (10%)
The Age of Innocence – 1993: 2 (20%)
A River Runs Through It – 1992: 2 (20%)
The Last of the Mohicans – 1992: 2 (20%)
Sarah, Plain and Tall (trilogy) – 1991-1999: 2 (20%)
White Fang – 1991: 0 (0%)
Dances with Wolves – 1990: 1 (10%)
Glory - 1989: 1 (10%)
Anne of Green Gables (trilogy) – 1985-2000: 7 (70%)
The Color Purple – 1985: 1 (10%)
Moby Dick – 1956: 0 (0%)
The Grapes of Wrath – 1940: 0 (0%)
Gone with the Wind – 1939: 4 (40%)

These are what I love about books and movies--people have such varying opinions. There are some on this list that I absolutely despised, and yet they received votes. The differences of opinion are always interesting. I am a fan of the saying "To each his own." Or her own. Whatever. :-)

Of course, then it's also fun and interesting to see how people who can vary so widely in some opinions can agree in others. For example, our clear winner with 8 votes is '94 Little Women followed closely by Anne of Green Gables with 7 votes. That is the largest majority we have had on any of our polls, and thus our largest agreement. Times like that which make me feel that "It's a small world after all." And I'm pretty sure it's because we (females) all feel a little somethin' somethin' for the Lovesick Laurie and the Gallant Gilbert.

I will talk about these as well in upcoming posts, but I've been a bit busy of late and without Internet connection for a few days at home. So do not fear--I am still here. ha ha ha


Sara Lyn said...

I have to say "Lovesick Laurie" never held any sway over me. But the brainy Gilbert? :) I agree that it's funny when taste can so widely vary and yet connect. Really, what could be the common theme?

Heidi said...

Lovesick Laurie didn't do it for me either--especially with "The Spit Line!" I never thought the movie did a good job in swaying his emotions over to Amy and I actually did not like the movie for years B/C of him. It took me a while to get past that so I could like him as Batman.