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Friday, September 4, 2009

Guest Blogger

Check it out! I can now add guest blogger to my accolades! Here is my first post, at my friend Mary's blog The Sweet Bookshelf.


Sara Lyn said...

Loved it. Good job! I left way too long a comment. You don't suppose anyone would have taken offense at what I said? Oh, well. I've offended before and I'll do it again. :)

Heidi said...

I don't think what you said could be offensive. Now if we mount a Why Twilight is Not a Great Book, there might be some offense there. :-) Of course, you might have to read the whole book so you had better armaments to fight with, and I wouldn't want you to endure the personal torture. :-)

Sara Lyn said...

I just don't think I could. Nate M. said he finally read the book because a girl told him he couldn't trash it unless he read it. Unfortunately, reading it just gave him more ammo to trash it with. :) That made me laugh. It was funny to listen to him talk about the book. :) I'm good with never having to read such pathetic writing. I read the first two chapters of the first book (before it became huge) and was totally bored/disgusted with the bad writing. I like some pretty dumb books, but at least the writing is worth something in those books. Or at least it's not trite. :) Pardon my basing her writing on just two chapters, but really.

~Mary said...

Thanks again Heidi! I just wanted you to know that on Saturday when your post went up, I had the most visits I ever had in one day. 52!!! All for your post!!! It was great! Thank so much!!!!! It was perfect!

Heidi said...

That's awesome, Mary! I'm so glad. And I've loved reading the comments, too. I feel so much more part of the blogging world now. :-)